5 Provinces in the North for Your Summer Vacation

There are many places in the North of the Philippines that you can visit during the summer. However, since there are a lot of choices, it may be very difficult to decide where to go first. Fortunately, most of the provinces in the North can be accessed by buses, making them very accessible to tourists.

5 Provinces in the North for Your Summer Vacation

5. Tarlac

If you want your vacation to be a bit spiritual and adventurous, then Tarlac should be on your bucket list. You can start at the Monasterio de Tarlac where you can see a beautiful garden overlooking a view of Tarlac and the 30-feet-tall Christ the Redeemer statue.

You can then head to the Tarlac Recreational Park to go kayaking and fishing, and even ride an ATV. If you have more energy and time, you can also go on a side trip to Kart City to burn some rubber and race.

5 Provinces in the North for your Summer Vacation

4. La Union

Surfing is the first thing that comes to mind when we say La Union, but surfing aside, there are other things that you can do there during the summer, as well. Around 45 minutes away from San Juan La Union, Tangadan Falls, you can find a nice area for cliff diving and swimming.

You can then head to Silid ti Adal ken Laing ti La Union or La Union Art Gallery located at San Fernando City to see local artworks inspired by the cool waves of the La Union Seascape. You can then end the day at the La Union Bee Farm where you can learn about bees and even harvest your own honey!

5 Provinces in the North for your Summer Vacation

3. Zambales

Summer is full of sunny days and, in turn, should be full of beautiful beaches – some of which can be found in Zambales. Just 3 hours away from Manila, Zambales offers everything you could ever want for the summer.

You can start by surfing at San Narciso and then charter a boat to Capones Island where you can experience a bit of history and adventure. However, if you like to relax, you can go to Cabangan’s Macampao where you can chill by the beach, go fishing and take care of some turtles.

5 Provinces in the North for your Summer Vacation

2. Pangasinan

There are 100 Islands in Pangasinan and the things to do there are endless. You can go to Manaoag to get your dose of history and religion before starting your adventure, for example.

Get your rashguard and sunblock ready, too, since you can uncover Pangasinan’s most beautiful treasure, too – 100 Islands – where you can visit a cave, go snorkeling, swim and discover what the province has to offer. You can also go to Bolinao to dine at the Sungayan Floating Restaurant that goes back and forth on the Balingasay River.

Bani Pangasinan

1. Ilocos

Divided into Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, there are tons of things to do in this province. You can go to the beach, enjoy an ATV adventure at the sand dunes and visit historical churches.

Start at Pagudpud where you can visit the province’s most beautiful beaches then head on to Vigan to see historical homes that are totally Instagram-worthy. Afterwards, go to Laoag and Paoay to kick some sand on a cool ATV or maybe even try sandboarding.

Ilocos: The New Zealand of Pinas

The summer is still young, so you still have time to discover the provinces of the North! Pack your bags and join us! #LakbayNorte

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