5 Must-Try Experiences In the Philippines This Month

This beautiful country is full of surprises and places to visit, regardless if you are in the city or a rural area. With an array of exciting events and activities, June offers many options for locals or foreigners looking to experience the best of the Philippines.

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From cultural immersion to breathtaking natural wonders, here is a list you can bookmark for when you come to experience Manila and the Philippines.

1. Immerse yourself in the cultural splendor of Metro Manila

Start your journey by delving into the rich cultural heritage of this place! When in Manila, you can explore almost every corner of it! If you are adventurous, you may ride a jeepney and try street food found almost everywhere! But if you are craving some dim sum or Chinese food, Binondo is the place to be. Here’s an article where you can find Binondo’s dim sum places: 6 Dim Sum Places To Visit When In Binondo

When you exit the airport, it is already a place to explore. Known as an “entertainment destination,” Newport Resorts World is just across NAIA Terminal 3. You can find Marriott Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, a mall, restaurants, a cinema, a casino, and more, there!

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You can also explore the historic district of Intramuros, Manila. This is where Spanish colonial influences come to life through stunning architecture and cobblestone streets. In this area, you will find the famous Fort Santiago, a majestic citadel that was once a defense fortress, and gain insights into the country’s past.

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When it comes to culinary delights, BGC or Bonifacio Global City, leaves no palate unsatisfied. The neighborhood boasts an impressive array of restaurants and eateries, ranging from international cuisine to innovative gastronomic experiences. From fine dining establishments to cozy cafes and food markets, BGC’s gastronomic scene is a true feast for the senses.

Beyond the concrete jungle, it also offers a refreshing oasis of green spaces and parks. Explore the sprawling High Street Park, a lush sanctuary where you can take a leisurely stroll amidst beautifully landscaped gardens, vibrant blooms, and shaded pathways. Breathe in the fresh air and let the serene ambiance wash over you as you soak up the vibrant atmosphere of this urban oasis.

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But BGC is not just about shopping, dining, and greenery—it is also a thriving hub for art and culture. Discover the neighborhood’s thriving art galleries, where you can immerse yourself in thought-provoking exhibitions and contemporary masterpieces. From avant-garde installations to captivating paintings and sculptures, BGC’s art scene offers a glimpse into the vibrant creative spirit of the city.

In Bonifacio Global City, every corner exudes an electrifying vibe that pulsates with the rhythm of modern urban living. Whether you’re seeking retail therapy, culinary adventures, a serene escape in nature, or an immersion in art and culture, BGC has it all.

2. Taste the flavors of the Philippines

No trip to the Philippines is complete without savoring Filipino cuisine’s diverse and delectable flavors. Embark on a gastronomic journey through the flavors of the Philippines, where culinary delights await at every turn. Indulge in traditional dishes that have stood the test of time, like the tangy and tender adobo or the ultimate comfort food sinigang. These classics embody the heart and soul of Filipino cuisine, capturing the essence of the country’s rich culinary heritage. 

But the food scene in Manila doesn’t stop at tradition. It also embraces innovation and fusion, offering a thrilling blend of flavors and influences. Discover contemporary restaurants that push the boundaries of taste, where talented chefs combine local ingredients with international techniques to create unique and exciting culinary experiences. They can be found inside malls, street markets in Makati, BGC, Antipolo, Tagaytay, and more.

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To truly immerse yourself in the local food culture, make sure to explore the vibrant food markets scattered throughout Manila. These bustling hubs are a feast for the senses, with enticing aromas wafting through the air and colorful displays of fresh produce and street food lining the stalls. Sample delectable treats like the crispy and flavorful lechon, the grilled and skewered meat of the famous isaw, or the sweet and sticky bibingka, a traditional rice cake. Let your taste buds guide you as you navigate these culinary wonderlands, discovering hidden gems and local delicacies along the way.

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A Filipino party is not complete without lechon! (Image: @LifeInAlfonso)

Whether you’re a fan of traditional flavors or crave adventurous culinary experiments, the Philippines offers a diverse and vibrant food scene that promises to satisfy even the most discerning palate. So, prepare your taste buds for a memorable journey through the rich and tantalizing cuisine of the Philippines, where each bite tells a story of passion, culture, and the joy of good food. 

3. Unwind on the pristine beaches of Boracay, Palawan, or Siargao

You’ve probably heard a lot of features and good things about Philippine beaches. Because they really are jaw-dropping places. So, if you are visiting the Philippines, your must escape to the pristine beaches of Boracay, Palawan, or Siargao, where sun, sand, and serenity converge to create a tropical paradise like no other.


Image: @millierillo IG/ Photo taken in Boracay.

With its powdery white sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters, Boracay beckons travelers to unwind and soak up the sun in pure bliss. Indulge in beachside relaxation, engage in exhilarating water sports, or revel in the breathtaking sunset vistas that paint the sky in vibrant hues.

If you are looking for a hotel in Boracay, you may want to consider Hennan Hotel. Read our full review here.

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Image: Hennan Prime Resort, Boracay

On the other hand, Palawan is known for its unrivaled natural beauty. It offers an idyllic setting for those seeking a tranquil beach getaway. Explore the hidden lagoons and limestone cliffs of El Nido, take a dip in the enchanting lagoons of Coron, or venture into the underwater wonderland of Puerto Princesa. Palawan’s beaches are gateways to a world of awe-inspiring marine life and unspoiled natural wonders, providing the perfect backdrop for a peaceful retreat.

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Photo: @tjorleans | El Nido, Palawan

For adventure-seeking beach lovers, Siargao presents an irresistible allure. Known as the surfing capital of the Philippines, this island paradise attracts wave enthusiasts from around the globe. Test your skills on the legendary Cloud 9 break or bask in the laid-back island vibe as you explore the mangrove forests, swim in secret lagoons, or feast on fresh seafood in beachside eateries. Siargao is a haven for those seeking a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and breathtaking coastal beauty.

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Whichever destination you choose, the pristine beaches of Boracay, Palawan, and Siargao offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With their pristine shores, azure waters, and captivating natural surroundings, these tropical gems provide an opportunity to unwind, reconnect with nature, and create lasting memories. Whether you prefer sunbathing, snorkeling, surfing, or simply strolling along the shore, these beach paradises beckon you to embrace the tranquility and beauty that only the Philippines can offer.

4. Uncover the wonders of the dynamic city of Cebu

Begin your exploration by visiting the iconic Magellan’s Cross, a significant historical landmark that marks the arrival of Christianity in the Philippines. But while in Cebu, also don’t miss the chance to indulge in local culinary delights and unique experiences.

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Treat yourself to a comfortable and luxurious stay at the renowned Fili Hotel, known for its exceptional service and luxurious accommodations. Experience true Cebuano hospitality and revel in the comfort of this premier establishment.

For an authentic taste of Cebuano street food culture, venture to the vibrant streets and discover the tradition of “pungko pungko.Pungko pungko is a local dining experience where you sit on low benches or makeshift stools, known as “pungko,” and enjoy a variety of fried and grilled dishes served on banana leaves. It’s a delightful way to savor the flavors of Cebu’s gastronomic scene and immerse yourself in the local culture.

If visiting Mindanao, you may want to do a side trip to Davao and discover the metropolitan charms of the city. Explore this vibrant city, known for its cosmopolitan charm and stunning natural attractions. Visit the Philippine Eagle Center, home to the critically endangered Philippine Eagle, and learn about the conservation efforts to protect this majestic bird. You can also take a trip to Mount Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines, for a challenging yet rewarding hike. Indulge in the succulent flavors of durian, the city’s iconic fruit, and explore the bustling markets and shopping centers.

5. Attend the sensational Bruno Mars concert in Manila

The much-awaited Bruno Mars concert in Manila is one of the most highly anticipated events this June. 

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Experience the sensational Bruno Mars concert in Manila, a highly anticipated two-day event taking place on June 24th and June 25th. Get ready to be swept off your feet as the Grammy Award-winning artist graces the stage, delivering an electrifying performance that will leave you in awe.

This world-class concert venue sets the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable musical experience at the Philippine Arena, located just north of Metro Manila, in Bulacan. Join the energetic crowd and immerse yourself in the infectious energy that fills the air as Bruno Mars takes you on a journey through his chart-topping hits. From the soulful melodies of “Just the Way You Are” to the irresistible groove of “Uptown Funk” and the infectious energy of “24K Magic,” every moment of the concert will be a feast for the senses. So, leave the door open for opportunities to come so you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

While you’re in Bulacan, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture and explore the city’s culinary delights. Bulacan is famous for its culinary heritage and offers an array of mouthwatering delicacies that will tantalize your taste buds. Treat yourself to the flavorful delights of Bulacan, such as the savory lechon and the indulgent ensaymada, and savor the authentic taste of the region.

So, if you can, make your plans, secure your tickets, and get ready for two unforgettable nights of music, energy, and pure entertainment. Let Bruno Mars’ captivating presence and incredible talent transport you to a musical paradise on June 24 and 25. It will surely resonate in your heart long after the concert ends.

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For more details about its ticket prices, read: Bruno Mars Live in Manila 2023 Ticket Prices and Details

With a plethora of options, the Philippines offer an enticing blend of cultural experiences, natural wonders, and thrilling adventures. Whether you’re attending the sensational Bruno Mars concert, exploring the historic streets of Manila, or immersing yourself in the idyllic beauty of Boracay or Cebu, this June promises to be a month filled with unforgettable moments. So, pack your bags, immerse yourself in the vibrant lifestyle of Manila, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

So, where are you heading to this June?


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