5 Innovative Digital Programs That Will Give You an Edge in the Workplace

Deciding which university or college to attend is as important as choosing what degree to pursue. After all, it’s important to ensure you’re getting high-quality education that will help you gain the skills necessary to pursue your desired career. 

If you’re looking for a different path and considering getting a college education in a non-traditional school, CIIT College of Arts and Technology is a fantastic option!

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CIIT is a college in Kamuning, Quezon City, a leading institution in multimedia arts, digital, and technical education with next-level courses formed with established industry partners. The college gives students easy access to the technology and equipment needed—imagine being free to use iMac Labs, drawing tablets, photography equipment, 3D printers, and other facilities—without the usual bureaucratic processes! Students even get the necessary software for their classes, such as Adobe Creative Suite, which is already included in their fees.

Aside from these, if you’re looking for a school that allows students to foster creativity, voice their concerns, and have a say in class and campus processes, then you’ll enjoy the collaborative environment at CIIT. 

The benefits of a CIIT education, however, don’t end in school life. The curriculum and the technologies CIIT provides are designed to give students an edge in the rapidly digitizing workplace! 

Here are the five digitally transformative programs of CIIT you should consider:

1. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship is the newest program that ties the other courses together and completes CIIT’s ecosystem of innovation. What makes CIIT’s BS Entrepreneurship course unique is that it focuses on “Technopreneurship,” or using tech solutions to establish and modernize businesses. 

With this program, you’ll go beyond traditional business models, books, and theorems and get hands-on experiences solving problems, marketing products, innovating business ideas, and more. Students are empowered to start their businesses with the aid of different technological tools and support companies to streamline processes using solutions used by various industries today, such as Airtable, Bubble.io, ZOHO, and more!

2. Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (with specialization in Game Development)

Gamers: rejoice! The popularity of e-sports is skyrocketing in the country, with many gamers aiming to be homegrown developers. However, there aren’t many institutions that offer a program for this. CIIT aims to amend this and guide you to become a skilled game developer, especially under the tutelage of Niel Dagondon, founder of CIIT, Anino Games, the first and leading game development company in the Philippines that has crafted over 60 games since 2002. 

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CIIT’s BS in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing with Specialization in Game Development combines aspects of computer science and multimedia design to equip students with the necessary skills to apply computer technologies to various forms of entertainment. This includes video games, animation, virtual reality, film, and more! You’ll also get amazing OJT opportunities with CIIT’s industry partners, including Secret 6, Kooapps, Pixel Mafia, Amazon Philippines, and more.

3. Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

CIIT’s BS Information Systems is a program that combines the best of business and technology to help students forge their careers in managing and utilizing information systems with organizations. The program’s curriculum typically includes a blend of business courses, computer science courses, and information technology (IT) courses, and students gain skills in business analysis, database management, systems analysis and design, project management, cybersecurity, and programming. 

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Information systems professionals play an important role in analyzing, designing, implementing, and managing tech solutions that support the operations and decision-making of a business. Graduates of BS Entrepreneurship and Information Systems can work together to build innovative businesses together! 

4. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

At CIIT, Computer Science is more than just coding and using different programming languages, it’s seeing the bigger picture and real-world impact. It’s about how you apply your knowledge to make communities and businesses flourish, like making apps that minimize food wastage or donate food to homeless shelters. 

Students will learn under a specialized curriculum backed by leading experts and organizations and the tutelage of seasoned industry professionals. Like the other courses, you’ll use state-of-the-art facilities and get practical training from partners like Amazon Philippines, Accenture, IBM, and Penbrothers.

5. Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts

Arguably the program CIIT is most known for, its BA in Multimedia Arts. is a cut above the rest! Students have access to modern facilities and equipment, including iMac and PC Labs (which have their individual drawing tablets), Drawing Room (which has light pad desks), 3D Printer, and Render Farm. Plus, you’ll also have access to industry-standard software like Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, Unity 3D, and Toon Boom as part of the tuition fee.

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This gives you ample resources to learn how to create engaging designs, animations, and videos and push the limits of your artistic creativity. Students will learn through subjects like 3D and 2D Animation, Multimedia Publishing, Advertising Principles and Practices, Motion Graphics, and Interactive Media Design and secure OJT placements in all of CIIT’s company partners, such as TBA Studios, Secret 6, Rocket Sheep Studio, and more!

So if you’re looking for non-traditional education focusing on innovation and technology, CIIT is the place for you. Enroll in a next-level program and learn in an environment that fosters collaboration and advancement. You’ll be all set for the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving digital and technological landscape!