5 Hurtful Things Our Moms Say and What They Really Mean

Our mothers always know best. Her love is unconditional and she always wants the best for her kids. They guide us through hardships and always make sure that we learn, even if it means giving us some tough love. We sometimes forget about what our mothers would do for us especially when we misunderstood their point.

Behind every scolding lies an unconditional love only our mothers can provide. Here are five things our mothers say and what they actually mean:  

5. What moms say: Linisin mo ang kwarto mo!

What moms mean: Dapat maging mas responsable ka.

It might be frustrating that your mom seems to take control of everything, even your own room. But know that she wants you to take full responsibility and it usually starts at home. This is one of the basic learnings our mothers want to impart so we are prepared for what’s ahead.

4. What moms say: Ginagabi ka na naman umuwi!

What moms mean: Nag-aalala lang ako sa’yo.


Though sometimes our moms might be too strict with curfew, keep in mind that they always put your safety first. It is natural for them to look after us. Maybe we can send them a message on our whereabouts to ease their worries, yes?

3. What moms say: Grounded ka. Akin na ang cellphone mo!

What moms mean: Dinidisiplina kita, kasi nagkamali ka.

Our mothers never miss an opportunity to teach us lessons, even when we already committed a mistake. Remember that they do not intend to punish, but they teach us that every act has consequences and sometimes these are serious and life-altering ones.

2. What moms say: Mag-paalam ka muna kung aalis ka!

What moms mean: Ayokong mapahamak ka.

No mother would want her kid to be harmed, no matter how old he or she is. A mother’s care will never falter and will be felt wherever we might be.

1. What moms say: Mababa nanaman ang grades mo.

What moms mean: Alam ko na kaya mong paghusayin ang sarili mo.



Our moms exactly went through this as well and they have come to realize the value of education over the years. Know that she will always be your number 1 supporter, and that no one would believe in you and what you can do as much as she does.

There are so many ways they can show how much we mean to them. Filipino mothers also know that feeding their children always equates to unconditionally loving them, no matter what the situation is. Aside from asking “Kumain ka na?” all the time, one of the most apparent gesture of her unparalleled love is saying, “O, baon mo.” Our mothers always want us to be at our best and that is why they only give us the best quality and love-filled pabaon.

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