5 Hunky Pinoy Celebrities That We Love With Long Hair

“Long hair, don’t care.” Apparently, guys took this saying a bit too seriously and have begun competing against girls in the hair growing game. And honestly, we’re not even mad because girls shouldn’t be the only ones allowed to have long and fabulous hair.

Times indeed have changed, and now it seems that the longer a guy’s hair is, the hotter he looks. Want some proof?

Check out these Pinoy celebrities that look just as good with long hair:

5. Sky Yang


Sky Yang is a twenty-something model, singer, yoga teacher, and Taekwondo teacher. So yes, aside from being good looking, he’s obviously very active, too.

He first stepped into the spotlight when he joined Mr. Chinatown and won 2nd Runner Up in 2013. Now, he’s a Kapamilya artist and works on making shoulder-length hair look super manly.

4. Luis Hontiveros


He’s the nephew of Senator Risa Honiveros. But enough about his family. Just look at his fabulous hair. I’m going to be completely honest here and say that I am totally envious of how fabulous his hair looks. I can only dream of having hair with that much volume.

I wonder what hair product he uses.

3. JC Santos


Aaah, JC.

He’s the leading man that suddenly redefined what a leading man should look like. This theater/film/TV actor made waves in the industry that are just as moving as the waves of his hair. Whether he’s sporting a man bun or just letting his curls hang loose, he still looks like a man you’d be proud to introduce to your family.

Oh, to run my fingers through those curly locks!

2. Kirst Viray


This hunky model first had his share of the limelight after being rumored to be Kiray Celis’ beau. But just one look at him will tell you that he deserves a spotlight of his own.

Apparently, long hair paired with a gorgeously chiseled jawline and abs makes for a very beautiful sight. If someone ever says that long hair isn’t manly, I will simply show them a picture of Kirst.

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1. Gil Cuerva


And of course, the long-haired man that sent the internet into a frenzy–for both good and bad reasons.

This Filipino-Spanish model rose to fame after being cast as the leading man for the Pinoy adaptation of the famous Korean drama, My Love From The Star.

For avid fans of the series, Gil’s long hair was one of their issues about the Pinoy adaptation. But look at how soft and smooth his long hair looks! Honestly, I ain’t even mad.

So, take notes, boys. Long hair is definitely in.

What did you think of this list? Do you know of other long-haired Pinoy celebrities that should be on this list? Share it with us!