5 FREE Apps That Will Quench Your STAR WARS Thirst

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

However, in this galaxy, Star Wars: The Force Awakens just hit the theaters. It will be back soon after giving way to MMFF films. While waiting for it, here are some Star Wars-themed apps that will quench your thirst for the Force.

5. Star Wars: Commander

Category: Strategy

Star Wars Commander

This game may have a quite familiar feel to it since it has a Clash of Clans vibe. You can choose betweent the Rebellion or the Empire. Then, you can combat with popular characters including Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker. In this game, the entire galaxy is yours for the taking!

Get it on Android or iOS.

4. Star Wars: Uprising

Category: Role-Playing

Star Wars Uprising

This game is set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. This RPG game allows you to create your own hero complete with custom armor and abilities. You can team up with friends and other players in exploring the galaxy and taking on enemies and bosses.

Massive Sector Battles enhances in-game content such as making new planets, exclusive gear, and level caps available.

Try it out on Android and iOS.

3. Force of Saber Light

Category: Entertainment

Force of Saber Light

This is an app designed for those who dream of becoming a Jedi. It lets you customize an on-screen lightsaber depending on your personal taste. You can choose to have a double-edged lightsaber or one that makes you look like Kylo Ren.

Battle with friends who also have this app complete with surrounding sound effect.

Check it on Android and iOS.

2. Star Wars Scene Maker

Category: Entertainment

Star Wars Scene Maker

Build your own Star Wars universe with the scenes that you like using this app. You are the director and you can choose anything that happens in this galaxy. Aside from letting you pick out the characters and settings, you can also put your own dialogs, actions and sound effects.

Give it a try on iOS.

1. Star Wars

Category: Entertainment

Star Wars

For die-hard fans, the official Star Wars app is a staple app. It offers breaking news and social media updates about Stars Wars, a complete repository about the Force. It will inform you about the latest bits regarding Star Wars digital merchandise including trailer releases.

Additionally, this app lets you take selfies as one of your beloved Star Wars characters. It also comes with quotes and sound effects from the film franchise including the sound of a lightsaber turning on and R2-D2’s signature sound.

Get it on Android or iOS.

May the Force be with you. So, what’s your favorite Star Wars app?

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