5 Basic Points You Need To Know About SEO According to SEO Experts

5 Basic Points You Need To Know About SEO According to SEO Experts


Last July 31, I attended a workshop on how to effectively use Search Engine Optimization (SEO). “Future Proof Your SEO Strategy For 2015” was organized by TrueLogic Online Solutions and was held at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati.

If you are new to SEO like me and you want to widen your knowledge about it, workshops like this are very helpful. You may want to check out Scott Keever SEO to help you learn more about SEO. TrueLogic has created a separate department that focuses on doing training for the advancements and updates in the Digital Marketing and SEO arena. The workshops that they host are led by subject-matter experts like the company’s General Manager, Mr. Bernard San Juan III, and Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Clayton Wood.


When In Manila SEO Workshop True Logic Online Solutions 2Mr. Clayton Wood shares his expertise in Digital Marketing and in creating SEO strategies at the Future Proof Your SEO Strategy For 2015 workshop


During the first half of the workshop, Mr .Clayton Wood shared some of the dos and don’ts, some strategies and how to implement on-page and off-page optimization. He also enumerated tools that experts use to check analytics, track keywords, and analyse performance, some of which are free programs from Google. TrueLogic Online Solutions also have their own tool to check ranking performance.

I had a chance to sit down with Mr. Clayton for an interview and he shared the importance of creating high value content for your targeted audience with me. He said, “create compelling content and make sure that it gets placed to where your audience is.” He added that “it’s important to remember that you can do it yourself as long as you write and you understand your audience. Go around and get published at the different locations at the web that needs your content.”


When In Manila SEO Workshop True Logic Online Solutions 1


5 Basic Points You Should Know About SEO According to Mr. Clayton Wood


1. It’s not as complicated as they think it is.

2. It’s all about content.

If you can write good content and get it published in the right place, then SEO can be successful for you.

3. Remember all of the technical points.

Remember the metadata and the structure of the website. If you’ve got those wrapped up, you’re on your way to successful ranking.

4. You need to know your audience.

If you have a blog or a professional services website, you need to know who you are speaking to, which basically means that you need to create relevant content that really speaks to the audience at hand.

5. You need to remember that social drives more of our decision making than you think it does.

You would most likely choose to go to a restaurant referred by your friend rather than a restaurant that you merely looked up on Google. As been mentioned in this post from Platinum Web Marketing: marry the social strategy with SEO and share everything that you publish, including your website’s products and pages.


When In Manila SEO Workshop True Logic Online SolutionsAn in-depth discussion on how Google works and the future of search with Mr. Bernard San Juan III


During the latter part of the workshop, Mr. Bernard San Juan III took over to talk about how searching on Google works. He does know what he is talking about, which isn’t surprising what with his deep working background on e-commerce and the digital world. What amazed me is how he knows when the update kicked in for a specific Google program. Another thing that he talked about is the “future of search”, the war between Google and Apple that I didn’t know even know about. 

I think what Mr. Bernard is trying to say is to be aware of how a search engine works, so that it can help you in the strategies that you’re going to do.  After attending this workshop, I realized that doing SEO is “not that” technical at all. It just takes powerful content and knowledge and key technical structures to have a successful SEO strategy.





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5 Basic Points You Need To Know About SEO According to SEO Experts