5 Accessorizing Tips We Could Learn from Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre is a talented actress, dancer, and singer. On top of that, she also has a well-curated Instagram feed that shows off her gorgeous style and her eye for photography. We chose some of her Instagram snaps and wrote about five accessorizing tips we learned from stalking her on Instagram.

1.) Stack ’em up!

Nadine demonstrates how seemingly plain and simple bracelets could look so well together!

Nadine Lustre Instagram Accessories 1

Nadine Lustre Instagram Accessories 2

Nadine Lustre Instagram Accessories 3

Nadine Lustre Instagram Accessories 4

2.) Use words to personalize your look.

Sometimes, the accessories you wear could serve as visual reminders and #notestoself. Try personalizing your accessories by wearing words that inspire you.

Nadine Lustre Instagram Accessories 8

3.) Mix and match black + gold.

Nadine proves that the black + gold combo never goes out of style!

Nadine Lustre Instagram Accessories 6

Nadine Lustre Instagram Accessories 5

4.) Mix classy with quirky.

A classic watch and a bracelet with a handcrafted stone? It sounds like an unlikely pair, but Nadine makes the look work.
Nadine Lustre Instagram Accessories 10

5.) Try something new.

Fashion should be fun! In this photo, Nadine uses tattoos that match the accessories she is wearing.

Nadine Lustre Instagram Accessories 11

All photos are from Nadine Lustre’s Instagram account. She’s really fun to follow because of her style and her eye for photography! Follow her @nadzlustre. 

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3 Laureen M UySweet Charms Manila Hall of Fame11

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