40 Easter Eggs We Noticed in ‘Deadpool 2’

2018 looks to be a goldmine for superhero movies! A couple of days ago, I was able to watch our block screening of ‘Deadpool 2’ in partnership with PMCM Management at Resorts World Manila; and it did not disappoint. Aside from being just as witty and clever as the first movie, it was stock-filled with references that blew us all way. Here are the ones that we can still remember after racking our brains trying to remember them all.

40 Easter Eggs We Noticed in ‘Deadpool 2’

1. Deadpool plays with a wind-up musical toy that depicts the way that Wolverine died in ‘Logan’. Ouch.

2. ‘I’m All Outta Love’ by Air Supply plays in the background, which also played when Ryan Reynolds was heartbroken in one of his older movies, ‘Van Wilder’.

Van Wilder

3. Vanessa and Wade sit down to watch ‘Yentl’, a movie starring Barbra Streisand.

4. While watching the movie, Wade points out that the song “Father, Can You Hear Me?” sounds oddly like ‘Frozen’s’ “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”

Frozen Build a Snowman

5. Barbra Streisand happens to be Josh Brolin’s stepmom (he plays Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’).

6. Deadpool comes up with his own version of ‘Star Wars’ – one that I really wouldn’t mind watching if things had turned out the way he described. :p

7. The opening sequence looks so much like a James Bond opening sequence.

8. For some reason, he sticks in a bit of ‘Flashdance’ in there, too.

Deadpool 2 Flashdance

9. In that same sequence, director David Leitch – who co-directed ‘John Wick’ – is referred to as ‘one of the guys who killed the dog in ‘John Wick’.

10. Celine Dion sings the song for the opening sequence, by the way. She is Canadian, like Ryan Reynolds, and a lot of Canadian pride is mentioned and peppered in throughout the whole movie.

11. From inside a coffin, Deadpool steals a line from ‘Ace Ventura’: “Do not go in there!” Not sure if it’s just me, but Ryan Reynolds actually reminds me a lot of Jim Carrey in this movie.

Ace Ventura

12. Deadpool refers to Dopinder as ‘Goose’, as in like in ‘Top Gun’ starring Tom Cruise.

13. Another Tom Cruise movie is brought up when they speak about ‘Interview with the Vampire’.

14. …which coincidentally also stars Brad Pitt, who happens to play ‘The Vanisher’ in the movie. (Don’t blink or you’ll miss him.)

15. When he wakes up in the Xavier School, Wade is wearing a shirt that states, “Olivia and Meredith: Together Purrrrr-ever”. This is a reference to Taylor Swift’s cats.

Taylor Swift Cat

16. Wade rolls around the Xavier School on Charles Xavier’s wheelchair.

17. While arguing with Colossus about how there are never any X-Men around, some X-Men can be seen in a room stealthily closing the door, including Beast, Quicksilver, and Professor X.

18. Deadpool tries on Cerebro at one point.

19. Colossus steals a Robocop line by saying, “Come quietly or there will be trouble.”

20. Russell calls Negasonic Teenage Warhead “Justin Bieber”, who is also Canadian.

21. Deadpool pokes fun at himself and at Hawkeye by saying, “Give me a bow and arrow, and I’m basically Hawkeye” when he loses his powers and seems to be pretty much useless.


22. Deadpool pokes fun at DC… repeatedly. When Cable asks who he is, he says, “I’m Batman.”

23. It doesn’t stop there. At one point, Deadpool claims their fight ended when they both realized their moms were called ‘Martha’.

Batman v Superman

24. While fighting with Cable, who comes from the future, Deadpool asks, “Which Sharknado are we on?”

25. Deadpool pokes fun at Domino, calling her the black Black Widow.

26. Deadpool pokes fun at Cable by saying, “Zip it, Thanos” since he is also played by Josh Brolin.

27. He also calls Cable a grumpy old f***er with a Winter Soldier arm.

28. Deadpool pokes fun at Dopiner, calling him Brown Panther.

29. The ‘Terminator’ movies are referenced in ‘Deadpool 2’, as well. After all, they both deal with a bad-ass time-traveling assassin.

Terminator 2

30. Russell is called Prisoner 24601, as in Hugh Jackman in ‘Les Miserables’ 24601.

31. Stan Lee doesn’t make a cameo in this movie, but he is seen on some graffiti on a wall.

32. Deadpool shouts, “Give me your best shot, One-Eyed Willy,” to Cable. For my fellow 90s kids out there, you might want to re-watch The Goonies, where Josh Brolin plays Mikey’s Kuya. YES, THAT WAS HIM.

Josh Brolin Goonies

33. While trying to calm down Juggernaut (voiced by Ryan Reynolds himself, by the way), Deadpool tries saying, “The sun’s getting real low,” which is the phrase repeatedly used to try and calm down The Hulk in the MCU movies.

34. When Deadpool gets his “baby legs”, he mimics the famous ‘Basic Instinct’ scene.

Basic Instinct

35. They also say he has gone “full Winnie the Pooh” during this scene.

36. When Deadpool goes to Colossus for help, he holds up a mini boombox ala ‘Say Anything’.

37. Near the end of the movie, Deadpool is covered in Ash, looking like the Deadpool in the comic books when he joined X-Force.

38. Deadpool kills the Deadpool we all despised in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’.

39. He also kills the Ryan Reynolds from the past who signed up for the ‘Green Lantern’ movie.

40. Deadpool calls Negasonic Teenage Warhead “Eleven”, as in ‘Stranger Things’ Eleven.

That’s it! Notice any Easter eggs that we may have missed out on? Share them with us! 😀