4 Nostalgic Songs from the Little Prince Musical That Will Make You want to Re-read the book

Words by: Carinna Reyes

Last October 9, 2018, Make Believe Productions released the newest soundtrack of the Little Prince Musical at Mary Grace Café Powerplant Mall and it was nothing short of whimsical. Arriving at the function room, I was greeted with an atmosphere that could almost be from my childhood–the stage decorated with stars, Christmas lights, and the overall homey feel of a Mary Grace Café.

Little Prince 8

Little Prince 4

They even had face painting and held a tiny parlor game where everyone participated to set the mood and embody the true character of Little Prince–a wise, curious and playful child.

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Little Prince 12

After a scrumptious lunch served by Mary Grace, the creative team along with the cast gave us a short preview of the Little Prince Musical, which is currently on tour in schools and other organizations. Here are four songs from the soundtrack that have been on loop in my head since, and will for sure make you want to grab your copy of the book and read it all over again.

4.  Surely (A love song for Rose)

Little Prince 9

There’s no sweeter love than you’re first. This song embodies the innocent and nurturing love the Little Prince had for his flower upon the stars, and his great sacrifice just to come back to her.

This song will surely make any listener want to find their own rose if they haven’t yet and fall in love with them deeper than before.

3. Starlight

Little Prince 9 2

There are different kinds of love that can be learned from this novel, and this one tackles that of the weary Pilot to the Little Prince. Theirs transcends a romantic one; it’s the kind of love born from admiration, respect, and something that almost reaches the point of devotion.

It’s the kind that would bring you unwavering hope, the way the Pilot listens to the laughing stars after all this time and faithfully waits for the Prince’s return.


If the first two songs will give you nothing but good feelings, this one will wake you up. This song is sung by the Conceited Man in the musical and is based on the character of the same name in the book. This song serves as a good reminder that the ‘likes’ or shares we get in the virtual world shouldn’t be what our world orbits to throughout our whole life, and there are other things that are just as important, if not more than just being likable.

1. What is essential

Little Prince 11

Sung by the Fox, this song carries the main message of both the musical and the novel to its audience–that what is essential is invisible to the eye. Being an adult, it is so easy to be blinded and stay focused only on ‘matters of consequence,’ but this song pulls us back to what matters most. That what you really need to live a full life is a childlike heart and an open mind, and that all else will eventually fade into the background.

Little Prince 10

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The full soundtrack of The Little Prince Musical (New Cast Recording) is now available on Spotify and iTunes. For those interested in partnerships or private bookings, you may call Make Believe at 839-2687, or email them at makebelieveproductionsph@gmail.com.

For those who are looking for a new place to hold their private meetings, events, conferences, or special holidays, however, Mary Grace Café has opened their biggest branch yet with their first available private room at Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.  You may book them at marketing@marygracecafe.com or call them at 810-3029.

Which song from the musical and what scene from the novel did you remember while listening to the soundtrack? Let us know in the comments below!