4 More Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Attending a Halloween party tonight with no idea on what to wear? Here are more last-minute costumes you can pull off easily!

4. a Sim


Have you ever wanted to be your own Sim? Now, you can! The best part is, you can dress up any way you want. Cut up green construction paper into a diamond, or a “plumbob”. Attach an alambre at the end of the plumbob, and hook it onto a black hairband you can wear. Voila!

3. Jughead from Archie Comics


Funny, sentimental, and good-hearted, Jughead is definitely one of the most memorable characters in the Archie comics. Come in as scruffy as you can, as a gray cardboard crown is all you need for this look. Grab a Big Mac (or any burger, really) and carry with you at all times for added touch.

2. Lilo from Lilo & Stitch

Aloha, oy! Channeling this Hawaiian girl is actually pretty effortless, and takes little time to do! A red dress and some bangs will do to recreate this adorable potato-head. You can even carry a Stitch toy, or let your friend dress as Stitch for maximum effect!

1. a Tita of Manila

titas of manila cover
Be everyone’s favorite tita this Halloween! Cat’s eye glasses? Check. Big tote carried on your forearm? Check. Shawl? Check. “Hijo, I have fruit salad” spiel? Check, check. People will definitely get this, and your friends will be following you all night, asking for help on the latest restaurants to try.

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