4 Inspiring Beauty Queens Who Succeed at Different Business Ventures

Beauty pageants are big in the Philippines. Almost the entire nation celebrates beauty contests (or Beaucon as commonly used by the gay community). Regular working employees plan their calendar all year round from small time local competitions in basketball courts to grand competitions. We love beauty pageants so much, we even have pageants for straight and gay men and women, not to mention for our transgender friends. Filipinos here and abroad have basically made pageants a part of our cultural activity.

Last December 17, Catriona Gray brought home the Miss Universe crown, making her the fourth Miss Universe from The Philippines. More than her iconic “lava walk” and “slow-mo turn”; she earned the title of Miss Universe through her intelligence, confidence, and compassion for others.

Once their reign is done, though, how do beauty queens measure up in the real world? A beauty queen’s life does not stop once she’s crowned or when she passes the crown to another woman. There are, however, many ways a woman can spend her life after the glitz and glamor; some have gone entrepreneurial running their own business. What better way to make an impact in this nation than to provide jobs and help the economy?

4 Inspiring Beauty Queens Who Succeed at Different Business Ventures

Shamcey Supsup-Lee

Pedro ‘n Coi Restaurant

Better known for her Tsunami walk and Miss Universe stint; Shamcey is a TV host, model, and architect, as well as a restaurateur. With her husband Lloyd, she opened Pedro ‘N Coi in 2015, an authentic Filipino restaurant that serves modern twists on Filipino dishes such as sinigang, kare-kare and chicharon. That’s beauty with brains and a great way to show her love for our own culinary secrets!

Lia Andrea Ramos


2006 Philippines representative for Miss Universe, Lia is a genuine beauty expert and has been making a business out of it. From the beauty queen scene, she has zoomed through modeling, then PR. Learning and picking up things about beauty along the way, she turned her passion into a business by jumpstarting her own online beauty site Glamourbox.ph , one of the first beauty subscription boxes in the Philippines. She helps makeup junkies get their fix of classic, as well as unique and hard-to-find beauty products.

Danielle Castaño

Danielle Castaño Beauty and Wellness

Danielle, who represented the Philippines in the Miss World 2008 pageant, used to be a client of a major beauty and wellness clinic. That’s when she decided that this is truly one of her biggest passions. Today, she has her own beauty and wellness clinic that focuses not only on women’s physical beauty, but also their health and wellness.

Bianca Paz

Sociale PH

LA-raised model and 2011 Binibining Pilipinas candidate Bianca shares her passion for fashion through Sociale. Sociale’s vision is to dedicate itself to delivering fashion-forward clothing to women who prioritize style and affordability perfectly matched with exceptional quality. She says she can only hope to empower women in better expressing themselves by ways of relating and understanding one another through the magic and love of fashion.

Starting and running your own business is not an easy task. Opening one is already a dreadful task. However, these beauty queens still went for it! You can start your own business today, too.

Challenges to start a business are always there and it will always be hard in the beginning. You have to face the initial challenges like the tedious registration of your business, finding an office space that suits your budget, buying office equipment, etc. but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.

You might not become a beauty queen yourself but you can be a business owner and earn while doing what you’re passionate about, and that kind of brings the same happiness…or much more.

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