4 Essential Tips on How to Drive Safely in Tagaytay’s Foggy Weather

Foggy weather can pose a challenge for even the most experienced drivers. Reduced visibility and slippery roads can make driving in a fog a nerve-wracking experience. I know because in Tagaytay or probably in Baguio, what comes after the rain is thick fog. As a resident of Tagaytay, we know that foggy weather can be a common occurrence, especially during the cooler months. However, with the drastic climate change, fog appears whenever, wherever! While the mist and fog can create a picturesque atmosphere, they can also pose a challenge for driving.

4 Essential Tips on How to Drive Safely in Tagaytay's Foggy Weather

Image: Tatiana Rodriguez, Unsplash

To help you navigate Tagaytay’s fog safely and confidently (and everywhere else!), here are four essential tips and tricks:

Tip #1: Slow down and keep your distance

Slowing down is the first and most important tip for driving in fog. Tagaytay’s winding roads can be treacherous even in clear weather, but in foggy conditions, reduced visibility and slippery roads can make it a nerve-wracking experience. Here’s a tip from a local: If you are heading to Batangas, remember that all restaurants with the Taal view are on the left side. So that’s Balay Dako, Leslie’s, Jaytees, Charito by Bag of Beans, etc. There’s also a barrier from Rotunda until the end of Viewsite or after Royale Parc Hotel. So, this means you can use that slot for U-turns, etc. Do not stop on the side and throw hazards when foggy; someone might rear-end you.

Remember, driving at a slower speed gives you more time to react to changing road conditions. In addition, keeping a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you is essential. Fog can make it harder to judge distances and speeds, so giving yourself more space can prevent accidents.

Tip #2: Use your lights wisely

In foggy weather, your headlights can be your best friend or your worst enemy. While it’s important to use your headlights to increase your visibility, using your high beams can reduce visibility by reflecting off the fog and creating a glare. Refrain from using your hazard lights—as the name suggests, save this for situations wherein your car is a potential hazard for other vehicles. Hazard lights serve as a warning.

Instead, use your low beams and fog lights (if your car has them) to create a wider, shorter beam of light that illuminates the road ahead without creating a glare. This is especially important on the winding roads of Tagaytay.

Tip #3: Use your windshield wipers

Your windshield wipers are an essential tool for driving in foggy weather. The moisture in the air can condense on your windshield, reducing visibility and making it difficult to see the road ahead. To keep your windshield clear, use your windshield wipers in the highest setting. If your wipers are not clearing the windshield effectively, consider replacing them with new ones.

Tip #4: Ensure your defrost setting works

In addition to using your windshield wipers, it’s also important to ensure that your defrost is working correctly. Fog can cause moisture to accumulate on the inside of your windshield, reducing visibility even further. To clear the fog from the inside of your windshield, turn on your defrost in the highest setting. This will help circulate warm air through your car and clear the fog from your windshield.

Additional tips: When visibility is reduced, your other senses can become more important for safe driving. Listening for clues, such as the sound of other vehicles, road signs, and even your car can help you navigate through the fog.

Don’t mist the chance of enjoying life in Tagaytay


Driving in fog can be unpredictable, so being prepared is important. Keep your windshield wipers and defroster in good working order to keep your windshield clear. Make sure your brakes and tires are in good condition to ensure optimal traction and stopping power. This is especially important in Tagaytay, where the steep hills and winding roads can be challenging even in clear weather.

Driving in foggy weather can be challenging, but with the right preparation and techniques, you can navigate through it safely. By following these essential tips and tricks and ensuring that your car is in good working order, you can definitely enjoy driving Tagaytay without the stress and danger of driving in foggy conditions.