4 Day Work Week, Approved!

4 Day Work Week, Approved!


4 Day Work Week Approved 


The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has approved the four day work week, which will begin on Monday. That means employees only work four days a week, and have three days off. It’s like a long weekend every week!

The catch? It only applies to government workers. Government employees will be allowed to work from Mondays to Thurdays or Tuesdays to Fridays. However, because of the shortened work schedule, employees will be required to work from 8AM to 7PM, or an additional two hours a day to break even. They will also need to have a skeletal workforce and a call center to accept calls.

According to the CSC, the four day work week was implemented to address the worsening traffic in Metro Manila. They also said that it will benefit employees in that it can increase productivity, and they can save on commute and spend more time with the family.

However, the Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines does not seem to agree with the four day work week. According to Edgardo Lacson:


“May mga ahensya ng gobyerno na kailangan ng private sector gaya ng Bureau of Customs, gaya ng marina, yung mga licensing and permitting divisions ng gobyerno. Kasi kung nagpapahinga sila at kami nagtatrabaho, paano namin kukunin ang permits namin? Bababa naman yung productivity natin as a nation kasi hindi naman tayo gaano ka-developed ang ating economy where we can afford to rest 3 days a week.” 


There are government agencies that the private sector needs, like the Bureau of Customs, the marines, and the licensing and permitting divisions of the government. Because if they’re resting and we’re working, how can we get our permits? The productivity of our nation will be lowered because our economy is not that developed where we can afford to rest 3 days a week. 


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Will this improve the services government offices provide? Or will it make it worse? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


4 Day Work Week, Approved!

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