3 Things to Learn from Heart Evangelista’s Closet Tour

So… Heart Evangelista recently uploaded her most-requested video — her walk-in closet tour! And girl, we’re telling you… We are still in awe!

Also, little did we know, we got interesting learnings from it. Something we can all take note and can be applied in our lives (or closet or wherever you think it should be).

3. Nude pumps are your go-to footwear.

Screenshot from YouTube – Love Marie Escudero

If Heart should choose between wearing flats or heels, she’ll probably go with heels! She’s known for wearing killer heels. Why? Heart explained that given her 5’2″ height, nude pumps can give you the illusion of looking taller. It also matches everything that’s why she loves investing in nudes.

2. Perfumes should be placed in a cool spot.

Screenshot from YouTube – Love Marie Escudero

Given the fact that we live in a tropic country, the Philippines can be hot and humid at most times. With that, perfumes may have the tendency to expire easily upon opening it. As per Heart, others prefer to put it inside a refrigerator but in her case, she thought of a smart idea to preserve all her perfumes. She mentioned, “Since it doesn’t look nice to have a ref somewhere here, I decided to put it right beside my aircon.” But wait, don’t worry! She doesn’t keep her air conditioner running 24/7. She said that they only open it if it needs to be.

1. Dehumidifiers are a must-have.

Screenshot from YouTube – Love Marie Escudero

Items can be easily damaged by high humidity if you just store them in your closet. Again, we live in the Philippines y’all! And we always experience high relative humidity here. That’s why Heart has a dehumidifier in your closet keeping all her designer or vintage stuff in pristine condition!

Haven’t checked out her vlog? Watch it here:

What’s your favorite part of Heart’s closet tour? Share them with us!


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