3 Secrets on How to Balance Your Career With Travel

Today’s society facilitates an environment that allows people to share information and experiences. A natural product of this technological catalyst is the ability to see the choices each individual makes about his or her life. As someone who navigates through all this visual information found on social media sites, one comes to the inevitable crossroads of having to choose between building up a stable life or taking on new adventures traveling the world.

What if it really wasn’t so black and white, though? With a plethora of articles scattered across the web, it is easy to come across advice and tips that point to either direction stating the reasons why one choice would provide better happiness than the other.  Society falls victim to the overwhelming pressures of having to choose one path or another governed by strict rigidity. However, there are ways to achieve and enjoy both aspects of life by collecting experiences and developing a career path.  Although the saying goes “you can’t have your cake, and eat it too,” in this case, you just might. It just takes a little planning and strategy.


Traveling the world and experiencing all sorts of cultures is fundamental in shaping and forming one’s personality and characteristics.  It brings invaluable life experiences that just cannot be taught by textbook or any career-related training course.  

On the flip side, establishing a career and setting professional goals is a life exhilaration and sometimes necessity in life. After all, bills need to be paid and a way must be found to fund the adventures.  

Determination, focus, and the ability to follow through on decisions are key components in perfecting the balancing act between the work life and fun life.  The first step is to really think about what the goals are and what can be compromised to find a solution.  Understanding the constraints along with factors that are negotiable will be key.  


3. Devise a plan.

The first thing to do is look at how you maintain a job and take time off without disrupting your day to day performance. Whether it is looking at your benefits package to see the number of paid time off or determining how much time off you can take which will both allowed and won’t cause financial strain, it is important to start the planning with your most important resource: time. Related Article: 10 Reasons Why Pinoys in 20s Should Travel

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Once you have a better idea for the amount of time you can allot yourself, the next step is to figure out what sort of traveling do you want to do. Does the schedule allow for one extended vacation? Or should the available time be broken up into several shortened vacations that are fit more for closer destinations? Being resourceful with time is a great way to put together a game plan and really stick to it.

2. Plan to travel at least once a year.

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Having a goal in mind and specific dates you are looking forward to are essential ways to stay happy as you balance work and make time for yourself to travel. It will definite help during those times you feel burnt out at work since you can always look back on your plan and know when you have something coming up. Related Article: How to Travel Cheaply, 10 Tips for Pinoys

1. Be Smarter When Traveling.

There may be some serious constraints with available time and financial resources, but there are ways to make the most of it. The best thing to do is plan ahead.  Research everything in advance and use travel tools that will help you navigate your destination. There are many travel websites and apps that can help make the traveling easier. I discovered a brand new website with a mobile texting app called Tripext. It is still on Beta version, but it can connect you to locals in the area to receive hard to find answers to all traveling questions. If you are trying to find the best way to navigate through a region, the best thing to do is ask the locals! 


Traveling helps you gain so many experiences that can help with self-growth. The experiences you receive can be applied in your everyday lives that are both meaningful and helpful when interacting with coworkers, customers, and bosses.

Take these tips and apply it to your life. In doing so, you will add memories and skill sets to your personal experiences while simultaneously growing professionally as those same skill sets are applied to your career.