3 Reasons Why Darren Espanto Could be the Next BIG Star

3 Reasons Why Darren Espanto Could be the Next BIG Star


Darren Espanto, 13-year old Filipino-Canadian finalist of The Voice Kids Philippines, gave Canadian fans a taste of his captivating talent last January with performances in both Toronto and Ottawa.


1Darren Espanto hits Canada & why he's the next big star(Darren in Ottawa– one of the numerous Pinoy celebs to unify the Filipino community in Canada.)


The Total Performer followed acts by local talents in the highly anticipated and sold-out concert. He performed his renditions of massive hits such as Price Tag (Jessie J), Listen (Beyoncé), Animals (Maroon 5) and One Moment In Time (Whitney Houston), as well as some of his own material and an adorable duet with his little sister. 


4Darren Espanto hits Canada & why he's the next big star

3Darren Espanto hits Canada & why he's the next big star


Darren’s charm is both natural and undeniable, and anyone who has kept up-to-date with The Voice Philippines knows this. His on-stage charisma during the show was almost as enthralling as his sweet and genuine words of admiration for his adoring fans in the audience.

Here are some of the reasons why Darren has what it takes to take Philippine Showbiz by storm:


3 Reasons Why Darren Espanto Could be the Next BIG Star

3. He doesn’t miss a beat.

Darren has pure, natural talent, which is hard to find. His family was actually so confident in him that they travelled all the way to the Philippines from Calgary, Canada to help him achieve his dreams. The moment he steps on stage, he is on and ready to give big balladeers a run for their money. 

2. He is tireless and dedicated.

Darren performed in Toronto on January 3rd then made the trip to Ottawa the following morning (January 4th) through ice, wind and snow for a midday meet-and-greet, full evening concert, AND an additional meet-and-greet/CD signing AFTER the concert. Are you kidding me?! I can’t even get out of bed for class some days. The kid must have been outright exhausted, but it didn’t show; he took everything on with a smile. 


Darren Espanto hits Canada & why he’s the next BIG star(Darren and I. He’s one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever met, DESPITE his new-found crazy fame!)


1. He’s very down-to-earth and humble.

By the way he performs, you would think Darren is mayabang because of his total confidence. Although he has a massive fan-following at his tender age (the “Darrenatics”), the fame has yet to go to his head. It was clear that he was coy and humbled by the crowd screaming remarks such as “pogi! Idol! Gwapo!” at him between songs, and his gratitude towards his fans combined with his polite attitude make him unique from many celebrities. I hope he holds onto this profound quality for as long as possible!

(By the way, see what the Cebu inmates are up to for more uniquely Pinoy talent HERE!)


2Darren Espanto hits Canada & why he's the next big star

Darren, ikaw na! Wag kang magbabago!

Darren’s Ottawa concert was hosted by Bright Star Tours Canada on January 4th, 2015 at the Bronson Centre. If you’re in the Ottawa area and want to know about Bright Star’s upcoming trips and events, you can get in touch with them at:



Bright Star

(613) 422-4718
(647) 860-3287
or brightstartours7@gmail.com


Are you a “Darrenatic”?

What qualities do you think a celebrity needs to stay afloat in the industry?



3 Reasons Why Darren Espanto Could be the Next BIG Star