3 Reasons To Love Your La Boheme PH Round Mats

When In Manila, round mats or roundies have been selling like pancakes on Instagram. Wanna know why? Read on!

La Boheme Mats 6

3. They are durable.

Made of thick cloth material, round mats do not wear out easily. These mats can withstand smooth and rough surface, rain or shine. These mats can be placed just anywhere! Take them to the beach, to the park or leave them at home, you need not worry that they will get damaged. The materials they’re made of are not of low quality.

La Boheme Mats 3

2. They are fun, printed and colorful.

These mats can be your ultimate companion to your boho lifestyle. With the vibrant colors and unique prints, the bohemian inspired theme of these mats simply add free spirit feel to any occasion.

La Boheme Mats 7

3. They are very useful.

Whether indoor or outdoor, these mats can be very useful. They can serve as beach mats or picnic mats outdoor and floor mats, wall decor, table cloth and other home decor purposes indoor. These mats can complete your styling around the home. 

La Boheme Mats 1

La Boheme Mats 2

So where did I get my round mats? I got them all at La Boheme PH. A newly opened lifestyle brand for gypsies. La Boheme meaning “bohemian”, features handmade collection of goods for bohemian living, accessories, home decor and jewelry. The owner of La Boheme PH started the brand as she wanted to inspire homes, by sharing the vibrant colors, exotic patterns and bohemian style through her products.

When In Manila, be bold, be vibrant, be inspired, visit La Boheme PH! And because we and La Boheme PH wants to share the free spirit feel with all of you, we are giving away a Mandala Mat through a Yoga Pose Challenge! Last day of entries until June 30, 2016.


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You may check out more of their products by following their Instagram and Facebook page below.

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