Meet 3 Life Changers Who Will Inspire You to Make a Difference

As someone who loves giving back to the community for all the blessing I give, I do it because of the sense of fulfilment I get when I see that I have been a part of other people’s lives and have affected them to change for the better (in one way or another).

Volunteering for book donating activities. Gift-giving at Christmas. Using skills in digital marketing for worthwhile projects. There is really no excuse to not lending a helping hand to those who need it. Every one of us has skill sets and resources we can use. Every one of us can spark an idea and turn it into a project that can change the world for the better. Every one of us can be a Life Changer.


pharmaton life changers challenge success in numbers (3)

 #LifeChangers Challenge:  Success in Numbers


Don’t believe me? Here are three Filipinos from different fields who have the determination to make an impact in society: Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, Peter Amores, and Chef Rob Pengson. 


3 Life Changers to Admire and Watch Out For


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 #LifeChangers Challenge:  Success in Numbers advocates Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, Peter Amores, and Chef Rob Pengson

pharmaton life changers challenge success in numbers (5) #LifeChangers Challenge:  Success in Numbers advocate Reese Fernandez-Ruiz


I’ve known Rags 2 Riches for a long time since their aim is to premiumize the work artisans at Payatas. Imagine: From Php12-16/day, the lowest earning is now at minimum wage. Insane, right? Insanely great. Meeting Reese herself was a privilege. She is really passionate about being a life changer to the artisans of Payatas. “It wasn’t easy. We had to build trust with them and that doesn’t happen after 2 weeks. It happens after years of working together. We also had a rejection rate of 98% at QA before. 98%! Who wouldn’t be disheartened at first? However, we persisted because our goal was bigger than our problems and we really wanted to help,” she said.  


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#LifeChangers Challenge:  Success in Numbers advocate  Chef Rob Pengson


Before meeting Chef Rob Pengson, my impression on culinary arts was that it was for the elite with loads of money to afford the tuition fees. He broke that stereotype by being a life changer and building his own culinary school, the Global Culinary School, so that people who were passionate about cooking didn’t have to break the bank to earn a culinary degree. “You should have seen our beginnings while we were starting out. You know how other culinary schools have posh lobbies and grand interiors? Our lobby had electric fans in it and was very small.  It took months before we got our first enrollee. It took a while before we got 21 students for our pioneer class. Now, we have 4 branches and 800 students per year,” said Chef Rob.


peter amores

 #LifeChangers Challenge:  Success in Numbers advocate Peter Amores

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While we are also under the notion that kids these days are not active anymore and just choose to play at their computers or tablets, Peter Amores strives to help kids in poverty-striken areas to become healthier and gain new friends through futkal (football sa kalye / football at the streets). “We train a community for 1 year with the basics of football and let them adopt the program after. It’s nice to hear that most of the students that we’ve had are now scholars at school because of the sport and also motivated to living a healthier lifestyle through this sport.”

Pharmaton Philippines aims to help other social entrepreneurs, advocates, and other relevant groups of people who spearhead high-impact projects and aim to see their visions come to life through LifeChangers: Success in Numbers, a nationwide, online video-driven contest, aims to do. This is to equip with the chosen winner with a Php1 million grant.


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This contest will be launched on May 12, more details of which can be found on their Facebook page. Also, tell your life changer friends about it because I’m sure they’d be up for the challenge to help their advocacy in the long run!