28 Things You Might Have Missed in the ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer

Have you seen the trailer for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ yet? Got a million questions running through your head? Let us help you try to understand the trailer a bit more.

28 Things You Might Have Missed in the ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer

We see a wedding photo and a newspaper clipping on her desk from the end of the war, showing that at least one of her friends was able to get a happy ending.

There is a photo of her in front of ‘Trevor Ranch’, which means she named a ranch after him or actually met with his family after his death.

We see the watch that Steve gave her right before he sacrificed himself in the first movie and told her that he loves her.

We mWe meet Kristen Wiig as Barbara Ann Minerva, also known as Wonder Woman’s archenemy Cheetah in the comic books. In this scene, she seems to just be Barbara, a close friend and archaeologist that Diana probably works with. Cheetah is bad-ass in the comics, being able to take on even Superman and the Flash.

We see another newspaper clipping honoring Steve after Diana tells Barbara that she was once in love – “a long, long time ago”.

The 80s style titles feel like an homage to old ‘Superman’ films.

The movie seems to take place around the 4th of July as we see ribbons in one particular scene and also see fireworks later on in the trailer.

Also: the guy on TV is Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal in the movie. He is a rich businessman and entrepreneur who organized the Justice League International, and who has powerful mind control abilities.

Wonder Woman destroys CCTV footage in one part of the trailer probably because of Lord’s mind control. The 1980s is also the era when video surveillance spiked, leading to hints of the book ‘1984’ by George Orwell.

George Orwell’s ‘1984’ is a book about people living under constant surveillance in a police state and seems to be the exact premise of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’.

As Maxwell says, “Think about finally having everything you always wanted,” Diana watches an airplane fly by, probably reminiscing about her lost love Steve.

We see Steve’s watch vibrate, probably signifying that Steve was successfully resurrected.

Steve hands her a digital Timex watch, a popular watch of that era, but also a symbol of an updated version of the watch he gave her before he died.

Although Diana looks surprised to see Steve, she doesn’t look as shocked as someone should look when they see a dead lover come back to life. As such, it is highly likely that Diana makes a deal with Maxwell to bring Steve back to life.

Steve looks like he hasn’t aged a day even though around 70 years have passed since the first movie. That means his death definitely wasn’t fake like a lot of people theorized when the first photos of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ came out.

We see a huge satellite dish, which could be Brother Eye, a semi-autonomous artificial intelligence surveillance system that Batman created in the comics to monitor civilian activity and which Lord takes over. This is another nod to ‘1984’s Big Brother.

Maxwell is seen holding a crystal, which might be one of the magic gems found in the DC Universe. It could very well be the Chaos Crystal, a relic from the Sphere of the Gods that can augment and intensify energy. The crystal is also known to grant wishes, giving whomever the surface reflects anything they want, like maybe… Steve?

The people walking mindlessly around them might be OMACs. OMACs are humans infected with a nano-virus that turns them into cyborgs. Lord creates them in the comics after secretly capturing Brother Eye from Batman.

During an altercation in the White House, Wonder Woman pops the bullet from a police officer’s gun instead of hurting him because she can’t/doesn’t want to hurt ordinary civilians. The police are most likely under Lord’s mind control here.

A lot of the scenes in the trailer are set in Washington DC, where Diana/Wonder Woman lived for several years in the comics.

Steve seems to be incredibly in awe of the fireworks as they are seen sitting in a… plane? …or is that Wonder Woman’s famous invisible jet? 😉

The US was involved in the Soviet-Afghan War during 1984, which might explain why we see a bit of Afghanistan, as well.

In one scene, it looks like Wonder Woman lassos into what seems like nothingness into the sky… but is it really nothingness? Or her invisible jet? 😉

Maxwell is seen standing under a bright blue light, which is probably Brother Eye as mentioned earlier.

Wonder Woman is also seen swinging on lightning. In the comics, she can ride lightning since, well, she’s the daughter of Zeus, after all.

Wonder Woman also debuts a whole new costume on-screen: her Golden Eagle Armor. Created in Themyscira, her hometown (can I call it that?), which boosts her strength and durability, and comes with bad-ass wings. It. Looks. So. Cool.

The light comedy bit in the end is a nod to the first ‘Wonder Woman’ movie, where Diana didn’t understand the world around her and needed someone to explain everything to her. This time, Steve is the one who needs everything explained.

Apparently, the music in the trailer was released in 1983 to make it accurate for the movie being set in 1984.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the trailer here:

What was your favorite part of the trailer?

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