27 Coolest Halloween Costumes We Spotted Online This 2015

What did you dress as this Halloween? Since none of my loved ones really celebrate Halloween and since I am scared shitless of running into a scary clown as I party the night away, I keep things simple during Halloween and live vicariously through others by going through social media more often than usual.

Going through our social media feeds is extra fun during Halloween, though, and so we don’t enjoy the costumes we’ve seen on our own, we’ve compiled the coolest ones that we came across just for you!

27 Coolest Halloween Costumes We Spotted Online This 2015

27. Eiei Saguin as The Orphan

halloween costumes eiei saguin the orphan

I don’t know about you, but I thought this was hella creepy!

26. DJ Brooke Evers as a Dead Scout

halloween costumes brooke evers dead scout

Perfect for that upcoming boy scouts and zombies movie!

25-22. Nicholas Tolentino, Yoonyoung Cho, Roxanne Cruz and Chino Hernandez as KFC, Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King

halloween costumes fast food chain

Look! Together, they’re a fast food chain! :p

21. Alodia Gosiengfiao as Wednesday Addams

halloween costumes alodia gosiengfiao wednesday addams

Alodia channels Wednesday Addams incredibly well!

20. Samantha Richelle as Leeloo in Fifth Element

halloween costumes samantha richelle fifth element

She definitely looks like a perfect Supreme Being!

19. Marian Rivera as Pregnant Snow White

halloween costumes marian rivera snow white

…even though she doesn’t look pregnant at all!

18. Kelly Medina as Russell from Up

halloween costumes kelly medina russell up disney

Major bonus points for the balloons! I wonder: did the balloons survive the day?

17. Blondie Riccio as Barbie… in a Box!

halloween costumes boe riccio barbie in a box

A lot of people choose to dress up as Barbie, but not a lot of people add the box to the ensemble!

16. Gela Munoz as Princess Leia

halloween costumes gela munoz princess leia

In case you need some inspiration on what to wear for the premiere of the new movie this December! 😉

15. Joyce Pring as Nacho Libre

halloween costumes nacho libre joyce pring

This just makes us love Joyce even more! <3

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