2013 AMP Recital brought to you by the Ateneo Musicians Pool

When in Manila, there is no dearth of great, young talent. This is especially evident in this year’s AMP Concert. Presented by the Ateneo Musician’s pool, this  yearly concert showcases the skills and capabilities of the organization’s yearly talent roster.

This year’s show entitled 1,2,3,4! AMP Recital 2013, the Ateneo Musician’s pool promises an evening that any audience will surely enjoy.


The concert included skits from the colorful lives of different AMP members, an entertaining show that painted an amusing picture of college living.

amp-2013-recital-IMG_0275 amp-2013-recital-IMG_0297_2 amp-2013-recital-IMG_0303_2 amp-2013-recital-IMG_0314

The show is divided into different acts with different themes. The photos are scenes from the different segments: “Tambay theory and Appreciation”, “Pop Culture”, “Comprehensive Review”, “Film Scoring and Analysis”, and “Languages of Love”.

The different themes, aptly named, as the performers used a mix of music and performance to tell the story of their lives in the org.

amp-2013-recital-IMG_0344 amp-2013-recital-IMG_0353

The final showing for the AMP 2013 concert will be this Sunday, March 3, 8 p.m.- 12 m.n. at the Rizal Mini Theatre in Ateneo.

Final Poster - Red-1

When In Manila, be sure to catch the AMP 2013 Recital.

2013 AMP Recital brought to you by the Ateneo Musicians Pool