20 Filipino Comedy YouTubers Who Will Make You LOL

Filipinos are known for being the happiest people on earth. We basically live by the quote, “Laughter is the best medicine.” So if you’re having a bad day and you’re craving for good vibes, these Filipino YouTubers will show you how to enjoy and laugh out loud. 

  1. BNT Production 

BNT or “Bakla ng Taon” production is a YouTube channel managed by the fabulous Ariel, Limuel, Jessica, Bebang, George, Jerico, and Andrew. Their channel is a hilarious chaos of challenges, vlogs, and skits. If you want something loud and lively, you can be sure that BNT Production is right up your alley. 

  1. Baninay Bautista

Baninay was once known as the “Bibang Bentangueña from Batangas” when she joined PBB. After getting out of the Big Brother house, she began her channel which basically talks about her travels, first time experiences, and anything under the son. What makes us LOL is her animated personality that is bound to make any topic enjoyable. 

  1. Trinidad Siblings

The Trinidad Siblings is a channel by John Rovie and Rowvey Trinidad. We love their channel because they are the epitome of sibling love. We enjoy their constant bickering, heartwarming moments, and the funny content that comes out of it. If you want to take a glimpse of what a Filipino family looks like, then the Trinidad Siblings’ channel is right for you. 

  1. Tukomi 

Tukomi is a comedy trio composed of the three brothers, Hiroshi, Lester, and Oliver Tukomi. They mostly focus on producing pranks and funny challenges. One of their most famous videos is the Taong Grasa series where they pretend to be homeless people while using expensive gadgets and driving sports cars. If you’re one for good vibes and gags, make sure to check out their channel. 

  1. Keith Talens

Keith’s channel is all about good vibes and laughter. He began his YouTube career in 2017. He then shot to fame after posting a Q&A with his girlfriend and his daughter. Today, Keith continues to post funny challenges featuring his lovely family. 


  1. RogerRaker 

RogerRaker is a YouTuber who started his channel in 2010. Despite the comedy, his vlogs are highly cinematic which makes it pleasing to the eyes. If you want your laughs but you want it a e s t h e t i c, then Roger is right up your alley. 

  1. Kyo Quijano 

Kyo is a YouTuber who has been in the scene since 2015. He likes to post dance videos, parodies, comedy sketches, and hilarious challenges. Kyo’s energetic personality and humor will surely keep you hooked. 

  1. Junnie Boy 

Junnie Boy is another funny vlogger on YouTube who is known for his masa humor. We can’t stop watching his vlogs because of how relatable and naturally funny he is. Whatever content Junnie Boy produces, you can be certain it’s gonna be one hell of a laughtrip. 

  1. Pamela Swing 

Pamela Swing started her YouTube career in 2014. She is known for posting dance covers, challenges, and hilariously relatable content. Her most popular video to date is a video of her cutting her own hair as a sign of moving on. If you want to watch something fun and relatable, you can be sure that Pamela Swing is there to entertain you. 


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  1. Ja Mill 

Ja Mill is the channel of real-life couple, Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad. They started vlogging on YouTube a year ago to post dares and challenge videos. If pranks are your type of comedy, then make sure to check out their channel for your daily dose of kilig and kulit.

  1. Emman Nimedez 

Emman Nimedez, otherwise known as the Pambansang Oppa, is a YouTuber who shot to fame after making a Filipino parody of the K-drama, Goblin. Emman is a talented cinematographer and writer. Most importantly, he is one hell of a comedian. His videos never fail to make you laugh at how ridiculously beautiful and funny it is at the same time. 

  1. Ranz and Niana

Ranz and Niana Guerrero is a brother-sister duo who gained fame on YouTube because of their dance videos. They gained recognition when Ranz posted videos of him jamming with Niana on their car. While the brother-sister duo is mostly known for being powerhouse dancers, we can’t help but LOL at their crazy pranks and challenges. Whether it’s going on a commute race or a try-not-to-scream horror house challenge, you can be sure that whatever they post on YouTube is 100% fun.

  1. Cong TV 

Cong, or Lincoln Velazquez in real life, has been posting vlogs since 2014. He is known for his hilarious, no-holds-barred humor coupled with elaborate editing and cinematography. One of his well-known vlogs is the Junnie Boy prank which narrated his evil plan to trick his little brother. Cong does a number of things in his vlogs. From pranks, writing songs, to buying camera equipment, you can be certain that Cong can make it entertaining. 

  1. Donnalyn Bartolome 

Donnalyn is not just a successful YouTuber. She’s also a singer and actress as well. She shot to fame from her single, “Kakaibabe.” But more than her catchy songs, what we love about her is her creatively hilarious YouTube content. Her fun and charming personality is bound to keep you glued to the screen. 

  1. Alex Gonzaga

We all know Alex Gonzaga as a succesful actress/host/singer, who would’ve thought she’d be a successful vlogger too? She only began doing vlogs two years ago but she now has over four million YouTube subscribers. We can’t help but laugh over her sassy remarks and her Tom-and-Jerry relationship with Toni G and Mommy Pinty. She’s so kulit and we love it. No wonder we keep binge-watching her videos. 

  1. Lloyd Cafe Cadena

Lloyd Cafe Cadena, or “LC” as he is lovingly called by his fans, began his YouTube career in 2010. He first tickled our funny bones when he posted tutorials called LC Learns on YouTube. He talked about topics like how to move on, how to get over your ex, and we just can’t help but laugh over how true everything is. Today, he still continues to make us LOL with skits on how to pass an exam, mukbangs, shopping hauls. Whatever it is you’re going through, one video of LC is sure to put a smile on your face. 

  1. Bogart the Explorer 

We’ve known Bogart the Explorer since 2012 as the Philippines’ very own Steve Irwin. Through his channel, Paperbug TV, we get to enjoy how Bogart explores the different “creatures” found in the urban jungle called the Philippines. His ardent exploration of the country ala National Geographic makes us laugh out loud. Whether it’s an in-depth study of Philippine traffic or our rainy day hullabaloo, Bogart the Explorer’s “foreigner” awe of the Philippines leaves us both laughing and in love with our Filipino culture.

  1. Mikey Bustos

Mikey Bustos was one of the first YouTubers to crack us up when he started his YouTube channel in 2007. Who could forget his humorous demonstrations of the Filipino culture like how to do the Filipino accent, how to drink like a Filipino, how to do social media like a Filipino, and other matters of “Filipinism”. From his signature tito laugh to his hard Ps and Fs, we can’t help but love how Mikey Bustos uses comedy to promote our fun Filipino culture. If you’re up for humor that will make you relate much, then Mikey Bustos is your guy. 

  1. Mimiyuuuh 

“It’s your girl, MimiyuuuUhUhuUhh…oh yeah.” 

Netizens ought to know Mimiyuuuh’s intro by heart now. She only started vlogging in March 2019 but she’s already amassed over one million subscribers on YouTube. She shot to YouTube stardom after her “Dalagang Pilipina” video swept the Internet by storm, even showbiz personalities started doing the challenge. Today, her influence is unstoppable. She continues to produce hilarious content while collaborating with big brands and fellow YouTubers.

Whether it’s pranks, skits, challenges, or vlogs, one thing ties all these YouTubers together: the heart of a Filipino to make people genuinely smile and have fun. 

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