18 Cool Halloween Costumes We Spotted Online This 2016

As much as I’d love to say I love Halloween, I really don’t. Having major coulrophobia, it’s impossible for me to head out to a Halloween party and enjoy it without bumping into a dreaded clown. So, on this fun holiday of holidays, what I usually do is stay home and watch scary movies while simultaneously living vicariously through the people who go all out and wear awesome costumes. Not only does this make me happy, but it also gives me some great ideas on what to wear at cons. :p

Here are some of the cool Halloween costumes I spotted on my timeline this year (check out last year’s list here):

18 Cool Halloween Costumes We Spotted Online This 2016

Chael Anthony as a pretty boy Samurai


Miko Carreon as Eleven from Stranger Things

Photo from Miko’s Facebook account.

Michelle Villanueva representing the saying ‘When Potato Corner is life!’


Photo from Michelle’s Facebook account.

Macky Del Rosario as the Snapchat rainbow filter


Photo from Macky’s Facebook account.

Charlene Ajose as a loofah

She even wrote a step-by-step guide on how to make her costume on her blog!

Theus as Ash Ketchum


Nicole Valenton as a lucky waving cat


Photo from Nicole’s Facebook account.

Seph Asong as a serial killer in an Iron Man mask

Seph Asong Iron Man Halloween

Aencille Santos as Princess Bubblegum


Photo from Aencille’s Facebook account.

Angelo Tan-Alberto as Valak


Myles as Michael Jackson


Photo from Anton’s Instagram account: @anton_delro

Sky Gavin as a mermaid


Reese as Wednesday Addams


Pablo and Sophie as BB-8 and Rey


Troy Montero as Connor from Assassin’s Creed III


Photo from Troy’s Facebook page.

Aubrey Miles as Selene from Underworld


Photo from Aubrey’s Instagram account @milesaubrey

Dors Fermin as Mocha Uson


Photo from Dors’ Instagram account @dors.f

I love how kids totally stepped up their game this year, don’t you? 🙂 What did you dress up as this Halloween? Share your photos with us!

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