17 Moving Quotes from BTS’ ‘Break the Silence’ Docuseries

BTS’ docuseries ‘Break The Silence’ concluded with its last episode titled ‘We Walked Together’ last May 28 and left us ARMYs ugly-crying. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride as we followed their stories of happiness, success, and struggle throughout their 351-day journey from the ‘Love Yourself’ to the ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ era.

The docuseries, which is exclusively available on Weverse for BTS fans who purchased the subscription, gave us a closer look at the beautiful and unforgettable moments of the international sensation and their fans during yet another phenomenal world tour as they walked side by side through shining moments and with passionate and everlasting companionship.

The 7-episode docuseries is proof of how strong and genuine the relationship of BTS and their ARMY is during their times of triumphs and trials. To give you a taste of what ARMYs felt, here are 17 quotes from each member that will surely touch your heart and make you stan them forever.

17 Moving Quotes from BTS’ ‘Break the Silence’ Docuseries

“Those who keep trying without giving up are the ones who succeed.” – Jin

“The key to companionship is trust. We wouldn’t have come this far if we didn’t trust each other.” – J-Hope

“It’s like the seven of us are on a boat looking in different directions, but going the same way.” – RM

“We have to respect the fact that we all think differently in order to work as one.” – Suga

“Even though it’s tough, we can endure it and keep going.” – V

“We’re so different in personality and in the smallest ways. Regardless, we’ve been able to stay together for so long without clashing. I realized that it’s possible because we have the same common goal.” – Jimin

“There are different types of people in this world. And we all do different things. We all speak different languages. We all come from different cultures. But we share one thing — and that’s the feeling of happiness. We’re not all that different when it comes to this emotion. In fact, we’re quite similar in that we all pursue happiness and like the things that make us feel good.” – Jin

“As we continue, I can’t think of anything better than this. Rather than doing something on my own, the seven of us doing it together has a more synergistic effort. Could there have been a better match? We might have been destined to meet.” – Suga

“Focusing on the present and doing (my) best to live for tomorrow and the next day are the only things that I can do now.” – RM

“Where you stand now is what defines you.” J-Hope

“In the way that water flows, we’re all doing a good job of maintaining this balance.” – Jungkook

“Doing my best in the things that are in front of me is the best way that I can answer the question of my existence.” – RM

“Some people climb mountains alone, while some climb with others. We talk, interact and share memories with each other as we reach the top of the mountain, but I think we are a group who is willing to withstand all the good and the bad in order to climb up the top together.” – V

“There’s a lot of pressure to meet up with people. I haven’t changed, but my friends find it difficult to be around me. It’s a shame to see them grow apart from me.” – Jin

“Rather than prepare ourselves for it, that time will come, so we just need to do our best now. Instead of thinking, ‘I should prepare myself for the inevitable’, just do your best in the moment. That’s the best we can do.” – RM

“Don’t let go of our hands because each other is whom we rely on.” – BTS

“Moving forward towards myself. Carrying on in pursuit of my dreams, searching for the map of my soul. We started out as seven, now we are together with countless ARMY.” – BTS

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What’s your favorite quote from the docuseries?

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