16 Dishes from Filipino Provinces that will make you feel at home

There are certain foods that make us feel like home. If you’re familiar with the 2007 animated film ‘Ratatouille’, Remy and Alfredo Linguini were able to please the domineering and unimpressed food critic with a dish also named ‘Ratatouille’. The dish was simple, too simple, that it brought Anton Ego waaayyy back to a treasured childhood memory – his mother’s cooking.

This is why I thought of compiling different delicacies from around the Philippines. Each dish either tells us a little bit of something from a region’s culture or are delicacies that they are proud of and has become one of their tourist attractions. Here are 16 dishes from Filipino provinces that you should definitely try!

Curious? Watch this video of some of the must-try delicacies from around the Philippines!

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