15 Useful Kitchen Gadgets You Can Get For Less Than 100 Pesos

If you love to cook (or just spending time in the kitchen), then you probably understand how a lot of menial tasks take up too much unnecessary time! Fortunately, there are people who look for ways to improve even the simple task of cooking. Now, you can prepare dishes with less effort and time with these cool kitchen gadgets.

Here are 15 useful gadgets you can get from Shopee for less than 100 pesos!

15. Keychain Mini Bottle Opener

keychain bottle opener

Photo from Shopee

Instantly quench your thirst with bottled drinks using this handy bottle opener. It can be attached to your keychain, making it super accessible wherever you are.

Get this bottle opener for only 9 pesos here!

14. Minimalist Peeler & Slicer


Photo from Shopee

You can save lots of time in the kitchen with this easy-to-use metal peeler! You can also use this to make fruit and vegetable strips that you can use for garnishing.

Buy this peeler for only 9 pesos here!

13. Cute Egg Separator

egg separator

Photo from Shopee

Separating the egg yolk from the egg white can sometimes be a tedious process that results in a lot of wasted eggs. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore with this super cute egg separator! Just break the egg into this nifty tool and it will do the work for you.

Buy this adorable egg separator for only 99 pesos!

12. Meat Tenderizer

meat tenderizer

Photo from Shopee

This rust-proof mallet meat tenderizer is a must for your delicious meat meals! Now you can be sure that your meat is the best it could be.

Get this meat tenderizer for only 85 pesos!

11. 2-in-1 soap dispenser

soap dispenser

Photo from Shopee

Ease out in dishwashing with this 2-in-1 soap dispenser. Just press your dishwashing sponge against this dispenser and it will keep the soap going!

Get this cool soap dispenser for only 40 pesos!

10. Stainless Steel Bottle Condiments

condiment bottle

Photo from Shopee

These stainless bottle dispensers are perfect for controlled dispensing of your cooking condiments. No one wants too much oil or too much soy sauce in their dishes! The sleek stainless steel design is a huge plus for the overall look of your kitchen.

Grab these bottles now for only 56 pesos each!

9. Wearable Garlic and Ginger Peeler

garlic peeler

Photo from Shopee

Protect your nail and finger with this smart garlic onion and ginger peeler! With such a simple gadget, you can save tons of time peeling garlic and ginger for your dishes.

Get this smart ginger and garlic peeler here for only 48 pesos!

8. Fish Scale Scraper

scale scraper

Photo from Shopee

You can clean your fresh fish with ease thanks to this nifty gadget. No more dangerous de-scaling with your sharp kitchen knives. This scale scraper will do the trick!

Buy this fish scale scraper for only 54 pesos!

7. Food/Liquid Digital Thermometer

food thermometer

Photo from Shopee

No more second-guessing about your food’s temperature, or whether or not your oil is hot enough for frying. That’s thanks to this easy-to-use food and liquid digital thermometer.

Get this digital thermometer for only 73 pesos here!

6. 2-in-1 Multi-functional Egg Slicer

egg slicer

Photo from Shopee

Make your meals Instagram-worthy when you garnish with this easy slicer for fruits, vegetables, and even eggs!

Buy this slicer here for only 71 pesos!

5. Stainless Steel Food Tongs

food tongs

Photo from Shopee

These food tongs are a must-have because of the unique flat ends, making them super useful for cooking fragile dishes. No more breaking your fish or chicken when trying to flip them!

Buy these food tongs here for only 35 pesos!

4. Egg and Pancake Shaper

pancake mold

Photo from Shopee

Make your mornings a lot more fun with these egg and pancake molds. You can turn your favorite breakfast meal into shapes such as a star or a heart.

Get your choice of mold for only PHP 15!

3. Magnetic Kitchen Timer


Photo from Shopee

This magnetic kitchen timer will help prevent your dishes from burning if you need to multi-task while cooking. Its magnetic feature allows it to be more accessible, too!

Buy this magnetic kitchen timer for only 89 pesos!

2. Garlic Presser

garlic presser

Photo from Shopee

This simple garlic presser will help you save lots of time in the kitchen. Just pop in a garlic clove and turn this cool contraption and you’ve got ready-to-use garlic in no time!

Get this garlic presser here for only 55 pesos.

1. Bazooka Sushi Maker

sushi maker

Photo from Shopee

Love sushi but don’t enjoy the tedious work? This bazooka-shaped sushi maker will make it easier for you. This mold will roll out your homemade sushi with ease!

Buy this sushi maker for only 61 pesos here!

Cooking at home will be an even more enjoyable experience with these cool kitchen gadgets. Add to cart? Of course!

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