14 Artsy People Who Inspire Us on Instagram on a Daily Basis

Does art inspire you to get creative, create masterpieces, get out of your comfort zone or live life to the fullest? If you love all things artsy, then here are 14 artsy people that we follow on Instagram for our daily dose of creative inspiration and that we think you should follow, too (if you don’t yet)!


14 Artsy People Who Inspire Us on Instagram on a Daily Basis


14. @wallohdesigns

If you are looking for something unique to decorate your house with, then you need to check out what Walloh Designs has to offer. Their designs are the type that you wouldn’t hesitate to hang up on your walls or even fill up your entire condo or house with. My favorite ones are definitely the ones that incorporate both quotes and people.

instagram wallohdesigns art

instagram wallohdesigns art

Photos from Instagram account: @wallohdesigns (860 followers as of posting)

Email:wallohdesigns@yahoo.com.ph / Facebook: www.facebook.com/wallohdesigns

13. @iris_sparkup

If you haven’t jumped onto the coloring book bandwagon yet, coloring enthusiast Iris Uy will make you want to. I actually bought a few coloring books myself after I saw the magic that she creates every time she puts colored pencil to paper. Marvel at her art on her Instagram page. She holds workshops, too!

iris_sparkup instagram 1 art artysy instagram

From this…iris_sparkup instagram 2 art artysy instagram

…to this!

Photos from Iris’ Instagram account: @iris_sparkup (943 followers as of posting)

Email: irisbabaouy@gmail.com / Website: www.irisbabaouy.typepad.com

12. @printsbydots

I first learned about Dots when I dined at Holy Crab for the first time and fell in love with the wall art. I actually ended up buying a print right then and there – a print by Dots Tan. Dots’ Instagram is filled with photos of her personal life and her dogs, but glimpses of her art are what really make me keep going back.

instagram printsbydots art artsy

Work in progress.

instagram printsbydots art artsy

Final work.

Photos by Dots Tan of @printsbydots (1,432 followers as of posting)

Email: tan.dots@gmail.com / Viber: 09175214785 / Facebook: www.facebook.com/printsbydots

11. @mspainteilyn

The brainchild behind Sketchnotes, Eilyn Yatco loves to draw, take photos and travel, which is evident on her Instagram account. She does an amazing job with portraits, which is how I came to know her. Just check out this stunning watercolor portrait of Liza Soberano. Eilyn does commission work, by the way. 🙂

instagram mspainteilyn liza soberano art watercolor

Photo from Eilyn Yatco’s Instagram account: @mspainteilyn (1,781 followers as of posting)

Email: yatcoeilyn@gmail.com / Blog: eilynyatco.tumblr.com

10. @krissyfied

Krissy posts everyday snippets of her life as a PR girl, blogger, writer, painter, book-sniffer, avid movie-goer, and dessert-lover on her Instagram, but every single photo is inspiring. Aside from her artwork, she has also been bringing a Sadness Funko Pop around with her and takes photos of it. I swear: it is the most adorable thing I see on my feed everyday.
instagram krissyfied art

instagram krissyfied sadness

Photos by Kristel Ann Cruz of @krissyfied (1,792 followers as of posting)

Blog: krissyfied.com

9. @craftedlove

Amidst beautiful travel photos and dainty watercolor artworks, Crafted Love posts about something unique: paper flowers. And they are downright gorgeous! The best part is that they hold workshops for these paper flowers. I absolutely need to attend one soon!

instagram craftedlove paper flowers art artsy

Photo from Instagram account: @craftedlove (1,796 followers as of posting)

Email: crafted_ph@yahoo.com


8. @swathe.manila

It takes real skill to use watercolors like a pro and Mayang Frigillana does exactly that. Fall in love with how she handles her brushes and creates dainty artwork that you will simply marvel at. She holds watercolor workshops, too!

instagram swathemanila watercolor art

Photo from Mayang’s Instagram account: @swathe.manila (2,199 followers as of posting)

Email: swathe.manila@gmail.com / Text or Viber: 09175442099

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