14 Artsy People Who Inspire Us on Instagram on a Daily Basis

7. @pluma_ph

If you love letters, paper products and everything in-between, Pluma PH is the Instagram account you need to follow. They’ve got artsy mugs, pouches and fabric bags that you can order and use on a daily basis to showcase your artsy side! They make for great Instagram pictures, too.

instagram pluma ph pouch art artsy

instagram pluma ph mug art artsy

Photos from Instagram account: @pluma_ph (2,436 followers as of posting)

Email: shop.pluma@gmail.com

6. @lovenikitaph

A lot of people seem to see crocheting as a dying art, but Nikita proves that it isn’t. Nikita’s handmade crochet jewelry and accessories are absolute revelations and are the kinds of accessories I would actually love to wear on a daily basis. Nikita holds jewelry-making workshops, too.

instagram lovenikitaph crochet jewelry accessories art

Just check out these adorable crochet-wrapped chain bracelets!

Photo from Nikita’s Instagram account: @lovenikitaph (2,824 followers as of posting)

Email: hello@shopnikita.com

5. @manogonzales

Mano Gonzales’ sketches are so realistic, they literally make my jaw drop every single time. No matter what he draws, I swear I am always in awe and his Instagram is generally very artsy, as well – his selfies included. :p

instagram manogonzales sketch art

Photo from Mano Gonzales’ Instagram account: @manogonzales (3,060 followers as of posting)

Email: manuelluisgonzales@gmail.com / Blog: manogonzalesart.tumblr.com

4. @markdeanlim

Mark Dean Lim made us super happy with his latest Philippines-inspired Color Me Doodle coloring book for adults, but he also inspires us on a daily basis on his Instagram account where you can see more of his artistic sketches and follow his colorful adventure through life.

instagram markdeanlim art

Photo from Mark Dean Lim’s Instagram account: @markdeanlim (3,666 followers as of posting)

Email: colormedoodle@gmail.com

3. @googlygooeys

Probably the cutest Instagram page you will follow to date, with random musings from couple Ponggo, the blue goo, and Tipsy, the pink goo. Everything they post is funny, cute and relatable and are guaranteed to put a genuine smile on your face.

instagram googlygooeys cute art

Photo from Ponggo and Tipsy’s Instagram account: @googlygooeys (24K followers as of posting)

Website: googlygooeys.com


2. @valeriechuaart

Everything about Valeria Chua’s Instagram is inspiring and everything feels light, positive and breezy. It’s hard to explain, but her artwork is absolutely breathtaking, and will make you want to own a piece or five.

instagram valeriechuaart

Photo from Valerie Chua’s Instagram account: @valeriechuaart (43.8K followers as of posting)

Website: valerieannchua.com



1. @abbeysy

Abbey Sy is a letterer, illustrator and author – the wonderful woman behind The ABC’s of Handlettering, which was such a pain to find but was totally worth the searching the end. Aside from being creative, artistic and inspiring, Abbey also happens to be one of the most humble people I follow on Twitter and we love her all the more for it! Abbey doesn’t just make us want to create art; she inspires us to travel and make each memory count, as well.

instagram abbeysy lettering art color

Photo from Abbey Sy’s Instagram account: @abbeysy (61.9K followers as of posting)

hello@abbey-sy.com artistic-dreams.com

Which artistic people do you follow on Instagram? Share their handles with us, so we can check them out, as well!