’13 Reasons Why’ is Getting a Third Season

’13 Reasons Why’ has been getting a bad reputation from the first season onwards for dealing with controversial issues in the most controversial ways possible. I must admit that after season one, I defended the series because of how I felt after watching it. (Read my article on the first season here.) I guess I was at a good mental place at the time, though, because when I rewatched season one in preparation for season two, I found myself in tears and cringe-ing at the final Hannah scene and looking for emotional support through my friends. It was pretty bad, and I finally understand why some people were against having a second season.

Well, it turns out the second season was just as shocking. Of course, I made sure that I was in a good state when I watched it, but I definitely saw the hate that once again spread all over the Internet – both on my feed and on various articles on different sites. Despite all of the backlash though and less than a month after the release of the second season, it has been announced that ’13 Reasons Why’ will indeed be back for a third season in 2019. Watch the announcement here:

Having left the ending open once again, there are definitely a lot of new issues to think about and tackle in season 3, but some people seem to think we don’t need another season. What do you think? Are you excited for season 3?

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