12 Reactions We All Make During a Jeepney Commute

Ah, the struggles of a Filipino commuter – I cannot even begin. We ride. We get stuck in traffic. We get off barely unscathed. Repeat. We all experience it. We should all be used to it by now, but, huhu, sometimes things get harder, especially when riding a jeepney. If you’re a regular jeepney rider, I’m sure all of you have made these expressions at one point in your lives:

12. When the driver/conductor/barker assures you “kasya pa isa” and you see from the window how shoulder-to-shoulder the passengers are:


11. When you decide to risk it and find there is indeed room for one more:


10. When you decide to risk it, find they lied to you, so you have to get off:


9. When no one wants to make room for you:


8. When someone makes sabit just so you could sit down:


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