12 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Help You Explore New Dishes

Since we’ve spent more than a year in our homes, I’m sure many of us have learned to cook for ourselves. We really had no choice especially during the times when food deliveries were just starting. Maybe you’ve gotten used to cooking at home, or maybe you’re just starting to get into experimenting in the kitchen.

If you want to explore more dishes to recreate at home, especially now that we’ll be spending a few weeks in our homes, we’ve got a few recommendations for kitchen gadgets and appliances.

Here are some kitchen gadgets from Lazada that will help you experiment and explore new dishes:

takoyaki grill

Photo from Lazada

12. This electric takoyaki grill pan lets you learn how to cook takoyaki just the way you want it! You can cook 18 of these Japanese treats at one. It also includes two baking needles that allow you to flip the takoyaki as you cook, bamboo sticks for serving, a cleaning cloth, and a brush. Now you can cook takoyaki with all the fillings and toppings that you want!

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food dehydrator

Photo from Lazada

11. This 5-layer food dehydrator will definitely widen your horizons when it comes to cooking food. When you’re able to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and meat on your own, the possibilities are endless. You can create your own blend of fruit teas, create beef jerky, and even make extra crispy potato chips!

Buy this 5-layer food dehydrator here!

crepe maker

Photo from Lazada

10. You can explore more breakfast options with this electric crepe maker. It’s super easy to use and you can even make your own lumpia wrapper with this gadget! It’s also very portable and easy to store.

Buy this electric crepe maker here!


Photo from Lazada

9. This stand mixer is a must-have if you’re into baking. You can definitely explore a lot more pastries, cakes, and even bread with a heavy-duty stand mixer like this. It already includes a wire whisk, a flat beater, and a dough hook.

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bubblewaffle maker

Photo from Lazada

8. Craving for international treats? Now, you can recreate Hong Kong’s iconic bubble waffle with this bubble waffle maker! It’s foolproof and easy to use on any stove. You can go crazy with your choice of toppings!

Buy this egg waffle maker here!

rectangle pan

Photo from Lazada

7. This rectangular non-stick pan will help you practice cooking some tasty tamagoyaki at home. You can also explore other Tiktok-worthy snacks and dishes with this iconic rectangular non-stick pan.

Buy this rectangular non-stick pan here!

3in1 sandwich

Photo from Lazada

6. You can explore even more breakfast and sandwich options with this 3-in-1 sandwich machine. With just one gadget, you can create paninis, normal waffles, bubble waffles, or even waffle sandwiches!

Buy this 3-in-1 sandwich machine here!

pizza maker

Photo from Lazada

5. This 3-in-1 pizza maker will let you cook your own pizza even if you don’t have an oven. This pizza maker works just like the usual sandwich makers but with a lot more power to fully cook a whole pizza. It can cook a 12-inch pizza, and can also be used as a skillet or a grill.

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pasta maker

Photo from Lazada

4. Ever wanted to learn how to make your own pasta at home? Now you can with this manual pasta maker! It features adjustable knobs for your choice of thickness and pasta cut. You can definitely explore a lot more pasta dishes with your very own pasta maker.

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instant pot

Photo from Lazada

3. If you really want to learn to cook more dishes and ulam, then this Instant Pot is great to have. With its 7-in-1 multifunction feature, you can use it as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and even as a yogurt maker! You won’t run out of ideas to try with this Instant Pot.

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bread maker laz

Photo from Lazada

2. You won’t run out of bread in your home with this bread maker. If you want to learn how to make your own bread from scratch, this bread maker is a helpful tool. You just have to put in the ingredients, and it will mix, knead, and bake the bread for you!

Buy this bread maker here!

air fryer

Photo from Lazada

1. There’s a reason why air fryers trended last year, and that’s because it lets us enjoy anything “deep fried” without having to suffer the health consequences! This air fryer will definitely open up a lot more frying possibilities since it doesn’t require liters of oil. We’ve even seen people online air frying the weirdest things—from chocolate bars to corn on the cob.

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Thanks to these cool kitchen gadgets, you can become the next master chef of your home and satisfy your food cravings whenever you want!

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