117 emojis have been approved for 2020–and the crying smile is the biggest mood of all

Emojis are just the way I communicate. They’re cute, universal, and convey almost every emotion out there. I’ve spammed plenty of hearts, lil poops, and those googly-eye faces whenever I was trying to make pacute to crush. It’s jut how it is.

But I’m always surprised when new emojis come around, bringing with them feelings we might not have thought to express in emoji form. My favorite? The smiling while crying.

It can mean anything. It can convey anything. Being the last one in the group chat to talk and no one replied? Yup. Someone turning off the lights while you’re still in a bathroom cubicle? Yes. Your professor saying he moved the midterm to earlier in the week? You betcha. It’s so flexible. I’m in love.

The others pack a cute lil punch, too. Not sure when I’ll be able to use a lung emoji, but, hey, doctors exist. Maybe they’re emoji-dependent too.

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What do you think?

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