11/11 Sale: 6 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaners Worth P1,000 or Less

Looking for a partner at home that will automatically do the job in keeping your floors neat? While many are sheltering at home, the smart robot vacuum cleaner has become a popular weapon of choice when cleaning by people who are adulting. Some are expensive, costing thousands of pesos, but with Lazada’s upcoming 11/11 Big Sale, you can buy the following vacuum cleaners for P1,000 or less.

Whether you’re drowning in dog hair, need to lighten your chore load, or just want to spend a little more time with your family, these smart vacuum cleaners should help. Added bonus that you can just order them online and have them delivered straight home.

6. LongSem 3-in-1 Multifunctional Auto Vacuum Cleaner

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Sweep and mop even the hard to reach places in your home. This smart vacuum cleaner can go under the bed and get rid of dust and dirt to keep your home spic and span. Its powerful suction can sweep any space clean.

Buy this smart robot vacuum cleaner here.

5. Pizore Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Offers 5-in-1 cleaning modes including Methodical Sweeping, Easy Mopping, Smart Cleaning, Sanitizer, and Humidifier to fulfill your different vacuuming needs. This wireless robotic vacuum cleaner auto cleans tiles, nylon, marble, laminate, and hardwood flooring. It is conveniently easy to use with its one-touch activation.

It is not your ordinary vacuum cleaner because it can revitalize the atmosphere in your home with comfortable humidity. This can help take care of your plants, wood floors, and furniture. This device humidifies your environment to help relieve your family of having dry noses and sinus infections. It can also kill different types of viruses and bacteria. It also can help alleviate allergies so you can breathe comfortably around your home.

This smart vacuum cleaner features a 6.5cm low profile that’s able to travel through any room and is small enough to fit through multiple locations such as under the couch, table, or bed. It vacuums for up to 90 minutes on hardwood floors with consistent, powerful suction at a volume no louder than a microwave.

It has an anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover for protection and provides smart navigation which guides the vacuum cleaner around obstacles. Its drop-sensing technology help avoids drops and falls. It comes with a convenient filter unit that is made for easier cleaning and less maintenance.

Buy this smart robot vacuum cleaner here.

4. Smart Floor-Cleaning Robot

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Smart floor machine that provides simple operation and strong suction of dirt. This device can keep the whole house clean effortlessly. It features a long battery life to keep cleaning as needed and automatic steering so you can simply turn it on and forget it. It automatically changes in direction when it encounters an obstacle. It comes with a mud sweeper so it leaves no traces of dirt when it goes around your house.

This device can be used in different ground types including cement, ceramic tiles, and wooden floor. Its petite size allows the vacuum cleaner to go freely into any gap.

Buy this smart robot vacuum cleaner here.

3. Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with UV Disinfection Spray

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This high-quality smart vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction that removes dust, hair, and other small particles. Its humidifying spray function can be used with a diluted disinfectant to sterilize your home. This sweeping machine is equipped with a spray function, which spritzes mist while sweeping the floor. As the machine goes, it keeps the air in every corner moist as it should be.

This robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for a variety of floors such as tile, wooden, marble, and terrazzo. It is versatile and can meet your diverse cleaning needs. Its operation is quiet so it will not cause any disturbance even if someone is working or studying while it cleans the room.

Buy this smart robot vacuum cleaner here.

2. Multifunctional Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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One of the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners we have spotted. As of writing, it has a sale price of P379. It might be a good (cheap) way to start diving into the world of smart robot vacuum cleaners.

Buy this smart robot vacuum cleaner here.

1. Eiderfinch SDJ-08 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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For simple household cleaning, this robot can work up to 90 minutes on a single charge. Its 400ml dust box can hold a significant amount of dirt whenever you clean. Easy to activate with one touch, the wireless robotic vacuum cleaner can handle a variety of floor materials such as marble tiles, hardwood, and even short rugs.

Offering 1800PA strong suction, driving in all directions, can automatically avoid obstacles, and its anti-fall, it is a great package for a robot vacuum cleaner. With 40 decibels sound produced when in operation, its low noise will not bother you when it is working.

The vacuum robot has a low profile of 2.5 inches and can pass through any room and is small enough to clean under a sofa or bed. With an anti-falling cliff sensor, it can automatically detect the gap and prevent falling the stairs. It automatically steers with 15° smart climbing.

Buy this smart robot vacuum cleaner here.

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