10 Ways To Look Effortless In Heels: A High Heel Shoe Guide

Ladies, FACT: No matter how comfier flats may be, nothing dresses up an outfit like a pair of really pretty heels! This is why even if we can’t run like athletes in a soccer field, the allure of donning these towering stilettos is just irresistible. As Sarah Jessica Parker AKA shoe fanatic Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City said it best when she mentioned that she loved shoes because they were like “little sculptures that you wear on your feet”. If you agree, which I’m sure you do, read on.


Now that the holidays are here, which means a whole load of Christmas parties and holiday cocktails to attend to, we need to learn to survive hours of standing in smashing killer heels while being able to enjoy in the festivities! Not to worry, as we have come up with the ultimate survival guide you’ll need to last in drop-dead gorgeous heels.

10 Ways To Look Effortless In Heels: A High Heel Shoe Guide!


Charles Keith

10. Check out if the heel is just the right height for you!

We know, we know: 5-inch stiletto heels are just completely on point! Especially when you’re a little on the short side like myself, wearing sky-high heels can be completely tempting! But are you sure those heels are the right height for you? Take it from Petite fashion celebrity Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook. Basically: if you can stand straight and lift yourself out of your heels by 1 inch, they’re good. If not, they’re too high. Check out for a more detailed description below:



9. When shopping for high heels, shop a little after lunch time.

Looking for new heels to complete your fashion statement? Pro-tip: try on the heels a little after lunch time: they’re the perfect compromise within the day, because your feet expand later on towards the evening. You’ll get a more accurate fit!



8. Remember to “break in” your newly-bought heels before an event!

Nobody likes bruised and blistered feet, especially after a long night of wearing fabulous but excruciating heels! Remember to break in your heels at least one night before wearing them to an event: not only will your feet get accustomed to walking in them hence being more comfortable for you, it can also lessen the chances of getting sores and scrapes on your feet.



7. Keep your heels in rotation!

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of this: the moment you fall in love with a shoe, you start wearing it EVERYWHERE. No worries, I’m guilty as charged too. But the thing is, you gotta let them breathe. No matter how cautious we think we are in handling our heels, when we wear them too often, there’s bound to be some wear and tear.


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6. Painful shoes? Know your hacks!

Shoes nicking into the back of your ankle? Rub the edge of your shoe with candle. Unanticipated sores? Always have a pack of band-aids on hand. Lured by a pretty yet excruciatingly painful pair? Find the perfect insoles. Tight around the toe box? Ask your favorite shoe store if they offer free shoe expansion services!


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