10 TV Series We Will Never Get Tired of Binge-Watching

For the TV addict, nothing is more exciting than turning off the world and turning on your favorite show. Binge watchers can lose hours at a time, getting sucked up in whatever they’re watching; constantly bargaining with themselves that the next episode “will be the last one, promise.”

The following are 10 examples of awesome TV shows that make it extremely difficult to stop after just one episode. So break out the popcorn, get settled in on your couch, and check them out! Chances are your next obsession is on this list!


10 TV Series We Will Never Get Tired of Binge-Watching


Family Guy

Chock full of crazy situations and pop culture references, “Family Guy” follows the lives of a cartoon family trying to cope with daily life in a Rhode Island town. Each with their unique personalities (as well a talking dog named Brian), the Griffin Family sure put the “fun” in “dysfunctional”.

stewie family guy meme


The Big Bang Theory

While not everyone might appreciate the highbrow humor of “The Big Bang Theory” right away, you don’t have to possess genius level IQ to get a laugh out of all the awkward social situations Sheldon Cooper and his friends get themselves in with every episode!

big bang theory sheldon cooper


My Husband’s Lover

Critically acclaimed both here and abroad, “My Husband’s Lover” totally went against the grain of teleserye storylines, and touched upon a lot of important social issues. If that won’t get you watching, the serious amount of on-screen eye candy will.

my husband's lover


Sons of Anarchy

Set in a world of biker gangs, arms dealing and general lawlessness, this recently concluded series promises one hell of a ride packed with equal parts adrenaline pumping action and heart-wrenching drama with each episode. Watch it before the spinoffs start coming!

sons of anarchy


Based on the 1996 film by the Coen brothers, this highly rated tale of murder and mystery in a small town packs an all-star cast and all the humor that made the original movie a hit.


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