10 Things To Help Progress Your Genshin Impact Exploration

Words by Alexis Rhae Gabriel

Genshin Impact: a game completely full of intricate details, from all its meticulous character designs to its graphics and lores alike. Not to mention the lands of Teyvat, which we as travellers, must bring ourselves to traverse in order to progress in both the game’s storyline and for our personal achievements. With that said, here are a few things to look out for when you venture across Teyvat, just in case you might have missed anything during your journey!


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10. Floaty Bloaty Plants

A strange green plant with three bulbous structures, you may or may not have stumbled upon these located all across Liyue’s regions. When close enough, you can interact with one to cause it to split into three separate balloons, suspended midair and ready to be popped to reward you with an exquisite chest! You can pop them with any means of attack, but it’s definitely much easier when utilizing a bow character.

9. Elemental Puzzles

These come off as stone structures with a certain element’s symbol present on all four sides. In order to activate them, you must use a corresponding character’s elemental skill or burst to make the stone contraption glow. Sometimes, you’re required to activate more than one in order to complete the puzzle and obtain its hidden chest.

8. Dandy the Adventurer

A seemingly normal NPC found around Liyue’s regions, she’s easy to dismiss as a random character with little to no significance in helping you with your quest to earn rewards. But if you do end up spotting Dandy, it is definitely worth interacting with her- since she gives you the option to initiate a time trial challenge. Upon seeing the challenge through completion thrice, you will obtain a common, exquisite, and precious chest respectively!

7. Pinwheels

So far located in Liyue, these four-leaf clover looking pinwheels may look like simple decorations at first glance. With the help of any anemo character’s elemental skill or burst, you can cause the pinwheel to spin like a fan, and use the wind current produced to glide your way to a nearby chest or geoculus.


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6. Harvesting Crop Patches

While chances are you might not discover a chest this way from every carrot patch you see, it’s still worthwhile to try pulling carrots in groups of three or four to discover some surprise chests!

5. Stone Piles

During your ventures in Liyue, you may find yourself coming across a peculiar pile of stones stacked up on top of each other. Relatively small in size, they’re breakable, and destroying them will reward you with a chest.


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4. Torch Puzzles

These unlit torches seem to be made of stone, with an ember glow reminiscent of the pyro element. As such, they can only be lit up with the help of a pyro character’s elemental skill or burst to reward you with hidden chests. It is worth noting that some torch puzzles can be a little more trickier, with others requiring a specific pattern or order of activation to complete them.

3. Pressure Plates / Hard to Reach Area Puzzles

While Zhongli, Venti or Albedo users need not fret about having to reach areas that may seem a little too high up, not everyone may have these characters at their disposal. That’s where the geo traveller comes in, whose elemental skill allows for them to disgorge a meteorite from the ground. This can act as a weight when placed atop of a pressure plate to activate it, or to serve as a climbable platform in order to reach suspended geoculi.


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2. Unusual Slimes

There are certain occasions where you would be strolling around Teyvat, only to end up jumpscared by slimes of any element having spawned from nowhere! Chances are, slaying these specific slimes can reveal a secret chest.

1. More Hidden Chests

Of course, it pays off to explore Teyvat just by walking around and covering as much ground as you can. But it’s worth mentioning that it is quite easy to forget how even the corners of the map still count and may hold some valuable rewards, hidden in plain sight. Be sure to scour the furthest points of the regions in all possible directions, and to scale as many buildings as possible in both Liyue and Mondstadt!