10 Things To Do In Manila To Get Over A Breakup

So… you got dumped. Or you did the dumping. While your first instinct would tell you to stay at home, close the curtains, wallow in despair and vow to never come out of your room until the end of eternity, you could be right.

Or, you could actually get up on your butt, let the sun shine on you and keep yourself busy. Because as they say, in breakups, there’s only one way to move: forward!


So forget your woes, no matter how much they hurt, and keep yourself preoccupied with these different activities, while forgetting that sorry excuse of an ex! We give you 10 things to do in the metro to get over a breakup.

10 Things To Do In Manila To Get Over A Breakup

10. Stuff your face in ice cream.

Papa Diddi's Ice Cream Company Maginhawa Street

Ah, ice cream: the perennial band-aid to any heartbreak. But rather than cry over a bucket of ice cream while curled up in your couch and binge-watching One More Chance (yeah, we knew you’d do this), make things a bit more productive by going out of your house and with your friends! There are tons of cool ice cream parlors around the metro with amazing flavors you can try.

For example, you can try Papa Diddi’s Ice Cream Company in Maginhawa, Teachers Village! If its Pinoy-laced flavors such as its La Trinidad-sourced Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream, Davao Meets Bicol (cacao and sili!) Ice Cream, and Dulce Gato (carabao milk) Ice Cream don’t put a smile on your face, we’re not sure what else will! Oh, and they’re organic, making them a healthier alternative compared to other ice cream brands, meaning you won’t have any of that added guilt!


9. Treat yourself to a spa.


They say that treating yourself to a spa or massage can let any worries fade away, and we couldn’t agree more! Especially in the middle of a heartbreak, a change of pace and environment is much needed.

We highly recommend Luljetta Hanging Gardens and Spa, a quick escape just a stone’s throw away from the city. Even just for a day, its green scenery and peaceful ambiance provides that welcome respite from the stress of the city and a breakup. Indulge yourself in amenities such as the infinity pool overlooking a forest, their spa and massage packages, and countryside meals!

With a sanctuary like this, it’s no wonder that anyone who comes out of this day spa is left feeling rejuvenated. Get ready for a better you.


8. Dedicate yourself to working out.

360 Fitness Club

To get over a broken heart, friends swear by working out for a better you, which is actually sound advice! For one, working out can prove itself an effective channel for pent-up stress and frustration. Thankfully, for those who don’t enjoy breaking a sweat at the gym, there are now several workouts to try around the metro: from yoga, pilates, zumba, to more extreme ones like Cross Fit and mixed martial arts. You might want to check out 360 Fitness Club, a “fitness playground” of sorts that allows you to do non-traditional exercises and workouts. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to post a bikini photo of you just a few months later on social media and casually flaunt whatever your ex is missing out on…


7. Have a change of scenery.

Art in Island

Sometimes, when we’re reeling from a breakup, we need a change in scenery, just to be able to see things from a new perspective, and to get the feeling of experiencing something new and unfamiliar so you can shake things up from the funk you’re in. Why not take it one step further and see things that are completely out of the ordinary? A trip to the Art in Island Museum will treat you to 3D interactive artworks that you can be a part of! Visit different worlds and larger-than-life installations and stir the imagination. If you don’t feel “out-of-this-world” after your visit, at least you were able to smile. That’s a start.


6. Visit a museum or art gallery

The Mind Museum5

There’s no better way to examine the meaning of life while staring at a piece of sculpture or painting, and figure out your existential crisis! Or at the very least you’re able to pick up something. There are amazing museums and art galleries to go around the metro, such as these historical museums curated by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, and the National Museum. If you want to go the science route, then the Mind Museum is always a good idea! Take yourself or a friend out on a date and learn more about the world, as you learn more about yourself as well.


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