10 Things I Learned on Tinder

10 Things I Learned on Tinder 8

5. But there are decent people. People have this notion that Tinder and other dating websites and apps are filled with horny people looking for a good time, but I’ve only matched with two people like it. Most of the guys I match with are decent and intelligent. I went on a date with someone and all we talked about was Filipino movies. The same guy even went all the way from Rizal to Alabang just so we could have dinner (He even asked permission to hold my hand). To find people with similar interests, list them down in your profile (It also serves as an icebreaker).


10 Things I Learned on Tinder 5

4. You have to take breaks occasionally. Because many people can’t be bothered to help “keep the ball rolling,” I always have to make the first move and keep the chat going. Because you’re doing this with so many people, it can get tiring. According to C., a newspaper editor, “The great guys I’ve found were really awesome. Some of them so much better than the ones I got to know through traditional means. But the sheer volume of crap you have to go through to find these gems is really discouraging. I’m currently on hiatus. Not sure when or if I will be back.” P, another editor, agrees and says that it can either be a frustrating or enriching experience. My advice? Don’t give up. It’ll be worth it.


10 Things I Learned on Tinder 2

3. People use Tinder for different reasons (like my friends R. and J., who are both in relationships), but you can find a relationship. For some reason, we attract the same kind of people. My friends P. and D. frequently receive indecent proposals while I get guys looking for relationships. I prefer a more organic approach to it by being friends first, but there’s hope. J., a nurse in Las Vegas, met her boyfriend of two years on Tinder. According to J., a graphic designer, it all depends on how you carry the conversation.


10 Things I Learned on Tinder 7

2. You meet friends, too.  Because I’m not actively searching for a relationship, I make it clear from the start to avoid sticky situations (I didn’t tell my first date this and he started being clingy). Because all my matches start as friends, we can hang out without any expectations. And even if there are no sparks, you have earned a buddy you can bring anywhere.



1. Less is more. I once matched with someone who posted a photo humblebragging his 2,000 matches. Instead of feeling jealous, I felt sorry for him. How sad is it to match with 2,000 people and not find a meaningful relationship (Assuming that he’s on Tinder because he’s single)? The Paradox of Choice states that too many options will make you choose the wrong option, or become so paralyzed that you choose nothing at all. Because of Tinder’s swift pace, it’s easy to forget about one guy when you consider that you can meet 1,999 more. We can’t be happy if we’re always wondering what’s around the corner. Tinder taught me that even if you have the chance to match with 2,000, sometimes all you really need is one.

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