10 Stylish Regency-Inspired Dresses For The Bridgerton Fans

Have you finally finished the second season of “Bridgerton”? Are you having a hard time moving on? We totally get you.

If you’ve fallen in love once again with the regal setting of “Bridgerton” and the gorgeous regency-era wardrobe, then you probably want to feel like one of the Bridgertons in the present day.

Check out these stylish regency-inspired outfits from Shopee that will make you feel like you’re in the show:

puffy dress

Photo from Shopee

10. One of the biggest trademarks of the regency era is the puffy sleeve, which I’m sure you’ve also noticed in the show. This dress with extra-puffed sleeves will instantly transport you back in time. The variety of colors also lets you choose which Bridgerton character you want to be for the day. Buy this puffy-sleeved dress here!

white tulle

Photo from Shopee

9. In love with Daphne Bridgerton’s debut scene from the first season? You can recreate that moment yourself with this gorgeous white tulle dress. The neckline and the sheer tulle sleeves are reminiscent of iconic Regency-era looks. This just might be your new go-to dress for upcoming events. Buy this white tulle dress here!

satin corset

Photo from Shopee

8. Satin became a more noticeable part of the second season. If you love satin too, then you’ll love this Bridgerton-inspired satin top. It’s complete with puffy sleeves and a corset, making it the perfect Bridgerton-inspired piece with a modern twist. Buy this satin corset top here!

vintage dress

Photo from Shopee

7. If you’re also a fan of Pride and Prejudice, then this dainty dress is the one you’re looking for. It’s designed to look straight out of the show and film, except for the shorter skirt. It also comes in a variety of neutral colors, making it perfect to switch between Daphne Bridgerton and Elizabeth Bennet. Buy this dainty puffed-sleeve dress here!

backless dress

Photo from Shopee

6. Need something that will match the extreme heat of the Philippine summer? This backless dress might be the one for you. The empire waist cut of this dress takes inspiration from the Bridgerton wardrobe in a beautifully subtle way. It’s also a great piece to accessorize. Buy this backless Bridgerton-inspired dress here!

satin dress

Photo from Shopee

5. This satin Bridgerton-inspired dress is giving a sexier version of Daphne Bridgerton’s iconic dresses. It comes with a body-hugging design, the iconic puffy sleeves, and a square neckline that would look perfect with your mother’s pearl necklace. Buy this satin dress here!

vintage style

Photo from Shopee

4. This casual vintage-style dress just might be your newest go-to date outfit. The cut on this dress is truly flattering. Plus, the sleeves and ruffles on the neckline will make you feel like you’re promenading around the park with the Bridgertons instead of being in the real world. Buy this vintage-style dress here!

midi slit dress

Photo from Shopee

3. If you’re looking for something with a subtle sexiness, you might like this long-sleeved midi dress with a slit. It also has a backless design with a cute bow on the back. This dress is a great combination of slightly sultry and extra flirty. Buy this midi slit dress here!

off shoulder

Photo from Shopee

2. This off-shoulder dress is definitely a sexier option. The body-hugging dress also features a corset, while the puffy long sleeves show just enough skin for a classy yet sultry look. It’s a gorgeous modern twist to the Regency-era wardrobe we know. Buy this off-shoulder dress here!

tulle dress

Photo from Shopee

1. If you’ve got an upcoming party, photoshoot, event, or wedding to attend soon, this gorgeous tulle dress will definitely bring the Bridgerton vibe. Once you wear this, you’ll instantly feel like one of the ladies dancing to classical tunes in the castle ballroom. Buy this tulle ballgown here!

Which one is your favorite Bridgerton-inspired outfit? Share it with us!

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