10 Reasons Why Filipinas Should Wear Suits More

Whenever a formal event comes up, women scramble to find the perfect thing to wear. There’s the pretty dress for your friend’s wedding, the formal piece for the work party, and don’t forget all the fun cocktail dresses needed for all those debuts. It’s expensive and tiring, and on the event day itself, women will be hobbling on their heels and choking on their corsets. Luckily, there’s an alternative to dresses that have existed for years—suits.

Men have been wearing suits for years, but women have only started to take notice. More and more women are choosing to wear suits, but Filipinas are only starting to adopt the trend. Celebrities like Alex Gonzaga and Liza Soberano have been spotted wearing suits, and if you’ve been thinking of trying on your first three-piece set then here are 10 reasons that just might convince you.

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10. Suits can be worn to formal events

Suits are the most versatile formal wear. You can wear them to every event and no one would do a double-take. There is no single dress than can fit all occasions, but a classic black suit can be worn to every single event for years to come.

9. Suits have more mobility

Women are meant to look graceful in a formal dress, but not everyone feels comfortable wearing a long dress! Why go for dresses that you can barely walk in when you can stride into a room in a pantsuit? There’s no worrying about how you sit, how you stand, or whether or not you’re going to trip on your dress walking up the stairs.

8. Suits can be worn outside formal events too

You can’t wear a ball gown to Sunday brunch, but pair a suit jacket with a shirt and you’ll be good to go. Suits are far more versatile than a formal dress and can be worn for formal, corporate, and casual affairs.

7. Suits have pockets.

Suits have the thing women have longed for decades: pockets. Suits have pockets on the pants and an inner pocket on the coat. That’s three more spaces for storage than your average formal dress. There’s no need to worry about leaving your clutch on the table when your phone, lipstick, and wallet all fit into your formal wear.

6. Suits are way more comfortable

No corsets, No problems. Unlike a dress, suits don’t feel like they’re glued to your skin. They’re breathable and are at very low risk of a wardrobe malfunction. While everyone else is holding their breaths in their dresses, you can happily enjoy the reception buffet.

5. Suits are fashionable and customizable

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The pictures should speak for themselves. Suits are far from boring, and Liz Uy can prove it. Suits do not have to be masculine. Style a suit jacket with the right inner shirt and your hair in curls to look every bit as feminine as you would in a dress. If you’re going for the masculine look, rock it with the right tie and slicked-back hair. Either way, you’ll definitely turn heads at your next formal.

4. Suits are customizable

You can change your earrings and your necklace, but a red dress is still a red dress. Suits, on the other hand, are a blank canvas ready for your next event. Add a tie for more formal occasions. Wear a plunging top for a party. Pin white flowers to your lapel for a wedding. The combinations are endless, and that’s the beauty of suits.

3. Suits can be a great chance to show off your heels

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Let your shoes be the star of the show. Suit pants often end at the ankle, so those gorgeous 6-inch heels won’t be drowned out by a skirt hem.

2. Suits are cheaper

While there are definitely high-quality suits that cost a small fortune, quality suits are generally cheaper than dresses of the same quality. Suits require less fabric than gowns and (rarely) have any embroidery or beadwork, so that definitely subtracts from the cost. Not to mention, suits are versatile and are easy to wear over and over again.

1. Wear suits because you want to try something new

If you’ve been wanting to try something new, then go for the suit. If you’ve been worried about how wearing a suit is going to be perceived, take this as a sign to stop worrying. Wear whatever makes you feel confident. If that’s a suit and tie, then go for it.

Suits are a versatile, comfortable, fashionable, and practical alternative to the formal dress. Dare to stand out at your next formal, and choose a suit that’s right for you.


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