10 Reasons to Blog in the Philippines






Tired of having no one read your blog? Well, maybe a change of scenery will help. If you have the time
and money for a drastic change, consider heading over to the Philippines. Read on to find out why this
can be a wonderful blogging opportunity.



1. A True Journey
If you move across the world, you’ll be making memories. Readers can follow your journey from the moment you get to the airport until the end of your stay.


2. A Fresh Perspective
Sometimes being in a new country gives you an entirely new perspective on life. You’ll see how another culture lives, and you’ll learn about their customs, traditions and religion, all of which provide new source material for your blog.


3. A Larger Audience
The estimated population of the Philippines is over 100,000,000. Can you imagine all of those eyes reading your blog on a daily basis?


4. Business Ventures
On a scale of 1-183, with 1 being the best, the International Finance Corporation ranks the Philippines with a 23 in terms of ease of starting a business. You can head over there, start a business and then blog about your experience.


5. Learning the Language
If you choose to blog in the Philippines, you’ll need to learn their language. This necessity presents you with the opportunity to become bilingual, which can be a huge factor in helping you land a job at some point.


6. High Traffic
Readers in the Philippines are also highly interested in blogs. Pinoy Money Talk’s article “Top 100 Popular Blogs in the Philippines (June 2011) reports that DailyContributor.com had 70,079 unique visitors and NursingCrib.com had 48,615 visitors. Other sites had comparable numbers too.


7. A Tourist’s Perspective
You could also write a blog specifically geared toward visitors in the country. So many wonderful attractions exist in this country including the Boracay Butterfly Garden, Eden Nature Park, the Banaue Rice Terraces and more.







8. Real Interest
In addition to high traffic, the people of the Philippines really have a strong interest in blogs. In fact, they are so important to them that the country has its very own Philippine Blog Awards, and writers receive awards for categories such as technology, travel, entertainment and so forth.



9. Food Blog
One of the most well known types of blogs out there right now is the food blog. Blogging from the
Philippines lets you add an Asian inspired flair. Chat with local restaurant owners and chefs to see how
they prepare their authentic cuisine.







10. An American Audience
Another reason why you may want to blog in the Philippines is because you could gear material toward an American audience. Blog with your family and friends back home in mind, but provide a translated version so that you can become popular locally too.



Even if you blog from the comfort of your very own home or apartment, a change of scenery can really
help to liven up for blog for all of the aforementioned reasons.








10 Reasons to Blog in the Philippines

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