10 Philippine Summits to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

5. Mt. Batolusong, Rizal

mount batolusong

A popular site to have a good old hike in Rizal is Mt. Batolusong. Since it’s located near Metro Manila, many people frequent this and go here to enjoy the breathtaking view that this summit offers.

4. Mt. Irid, Rizal

mount irid

Considered as one of the highest points in Rizal/Sierra Madre mountain range, this hike is surely not for beginners. The place is quite difficult to access, but the limestone formations make Mt. Irid’s summit amazing.

3. Mt. Maynoba, Rizal

mount maynoba

One of the easier hikes in this list, Mt. Maynoba has a simple trail that beginners can follow. The top of this mountain gives the hiker a magnificent view of the other mountains at Sierra Madre. Not bad for a beginner!

2. Mt. Binutasan, Rizal

mount binutasan

This hike can be partnered with a hike to Mt. Sapari as they’re located near each other. It can also be considered as a beginner-friendly hike since its relatively easier, and you’re guaranteed a spectacular view as well!

1. Mt. Apo, Davao del Sur

mount apo

Of course, we have to save the best for last. This mountain is regarded as the highest peak in the Philippines. It does pose a challenge, but the hike of this trail is just going to be worth it in the end.

Which mountain will you summit next?