10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mayon ATV Tour

10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mayon ATV Tour


When in Albay, you can’t miss the breathtaking Mayon Volcano. Dubbed as the “world’s most perfect volcano,” there is no doubt that visitors must take a glimpse of it and take a selfie with it as their background. Nowadays, however, being in Albay will no longer be complete unless you can get “up close” with the Mayon Volcano. And when I say up close, I mean the literal proximity. Fortunately, tourists can now spend time with Mayon Volcano up close and personal through a Mayon ATV Tour. 


Mayon ATV Tour


The Mayon ATV (all terrain vehicle) Tour was originally created by Your Brother Travel and Tours, which has been around for 7 years now. They boast of a wide selection of quality Can Am ATVs that guarantee safety to all of their passengers. This activity will give you the chance to get closer to the Mayon Volcano (and nature as a whole) in a safe yet adventurous way.

To attest to how famous this activity is in Bicol, the Mayon ATV Tour has already been featured in many TV shows like Kris TV, Pinoy Adventures hosted by Richard Gutierriez and even in National Geographic. Furthermore, Mayon ATV Tour has already been tried by famous local and international personalities like Manny Pacquiao and Zac Efron


Mayon ATV Tour

Mayon ATV Tour


Having mentioned how the Mayon ATV Tour by Your Brother Travel and Tours has been highly publicized in the Philippines’ top television networks, we are not going to give more details about it. Instead, I will provide you with the top 10 life lessons that I learned while riding an ATV going to the base of Mayon Volcano. 


Mayon ATV Tour

Yes, that’s Zac Efron enjoying his Mayon ATV Tour.


10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mayon ATV Tour


10. Practice makes perfect.

Before going on the trail, your guide will teach you how to use the Can Am ATV first. You will also be asked to practice on plain ground before hitting the terrain, too. Safety first—this is the priority of Your Brother Travel and Tours. Obviously, they stick with what there name is all about–a brother. 


Mayon ATV Tour

Before plunging into the terrain, practice is vital for your safety.


9. Life is filled with highs and lows.

This is a cliche – I know. Sometimes, though, we have to remind ourselves that we are not always at the top peeping at who’s down below or down low perching at who’s taking the moment of his/her life. Where are you right now?


Mayon ATV Tour

This is the first slope we had to survive. Fortunately, the odds were in our favor.


8. You get dirtied by mud, but you get cleansed by water.

Mud is created from a mixture of soil and water. At some point on your trail to the foot of the Mayon Volcano, you will cross swamps and mud holes that you will certainly abhor. However, you should always remember that you can stop for a second and clean yourself. In life, you will see yourself dirtied by too many negativities that will make you cry. The tears that you shed can also cleanse your eyes to see clearly, though. So, expect life to throw dirt at you. Just think of it as part of the adventure.


Mayon ATV Tour

Mud holes: check!

Mayon ATV Tour

Swamps: Check!


7. Other people may overtake you, but you will still get there.

Going to the base of Mayon Volcano is not a piece of cake–well, at least for me. While others rage through the trails and feel the cool breeze on their skin, you will see that some will overtake you. There’s no need to make a fuss, though, as you will still reach your destination. As Ernest Hemingway put it: “It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.” Also, don’t forget that you’ll have a personal tour guide to help you along the way.


Mayon ATV Tour

My BFF Sam getting overtaken by a foreigner.


6. You need someone to guide you on your path—preferably someone who has already been there.

We have a famous Filipino proverb that goes, “Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako” (I have already returned from where you are going). This is something that Your Brother Travel and Tours’ highly trained guides could say in front of your face with arrogance but don’t. Since they are so polite, they will ask you  if you’re okay or not every minute. Plus, they are good at using DSLR cameras, which will decrease the burden of taking photos of each other while chasing people in front of you. Thumbs up, folks!


Mayon ATV Tour

John (wearing yellow) is one of the owners and guides of Your Brother Travel and Tours. Very hospitable indeed. 


5. You need a friend in every adventure.

On my Bicol adventure, I was privileged enough to be accompanied by my best friend Sam, who I’ve known since elementary (so that’s like 11 years and counting). Regardless if it’s in life itself or just for a short adventure, having someone next to you is definitely a life goal you should have. Let’s not forget that they can take our pictures and vice versa, too.


Mayon ATV Tour

Sam (left) and I (right) taking the challenge for the Mayon ATV Tour. We can do it!


4. There’s no rainbow without rain.

The Mayon ATV Tour by Your Brother Travel and Tours is a rain or shine activity, so don’t frown if the Mayon Volcano starts hiding behind the clouds that will soon shower you. Rain is part of life and part of the tour, but you can always expect a rainbow to show up at the end. Make the most of it by taking a photo of the spectacle if you do come across it on the tour!


Mayon ATV TourThat’s a double rainbow if you can see the other arc. 


3. “Though the road’s been rocky it sure feels good to me” – Bob Marley

One thing is for certain on the terrains going to the foot of the Mayon Volcano: it is rocky. Big rocks, small rocks and even those gooey things that seem like rocks (clue: they’re from cows) will all be littered along your way… but who cares? That’s part of the bliss of the Mayon ATV Tour. As in life, all you need to do is get past the rocky slopes until you reach your destination at the end. You will surely enjoy the trail. 


Mayon ATV Tour

You know you’re definitely in the province when you see cows roaming around. 


2. You have to work hard for what you really want to achieve.

The 8km radius (Permanent Danger Zone) is where the adventure is just about to begin. You will still need to climb a mountain of lava to fully see the Mayon Volcano from its base to its crater. You will definitely sweat a lot, but that sweat will only water a budding seed that will later on sprout the majestic view of the perfect volcano. It’s your discretion to stay at the bottom of the lava or go the extra mile and see Mayon and its “gayon” (Bicol term for beauty). 


Mayon ATV Tour

Tourist climbing up to the helipad.


1. You can’t see the picture if you’re in the frame.

You might be wondering whether there is dirt on your screen or if the photos are the ones with a little dirt on the upper left sides. I must admit: I saw mud that I had never seen before on our trail, so our tour guide took most of our photos. During post-editing, though, I learned that all of the photos got tinged by mud when we came across a muddy swamp. Obviously, you can’t see the picture when you are in the frame and especially if you have a small camera screen. So, have  a wider, more different view about life, and make it positive all the time.


Mayon ATV Tour

The Majestic Mayon Volcano bedazzling onlookers from the 2006 lava flow.


When in Albay, do not forget to add the Mayon ATV Tour to your itinerary. For the best ATV experience, just get in touch with Your Brother Travel and Tours. They can even offer a free ride from your location to their main office at Brgy. Pawa, Legazpi City. And then, after indulging in the wonders of the Mayon Volcano, pamper yourself at Misibis Bay Resort and Casino. Enjoy the beauty of Albay soon when in Bicol. 



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10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mayon ATV Tour