10 Important Safety Hacks for Traveling Women

Safety Hacks for Traveling Women 

When in Manila, an increase in female independence has resulted in a growing number of female travelers. Whether traveling alone, in pairs or in small groups, it is important to keep in mind how to stay safe as women are often easy targets for criminals, not only here at home but also when traveling abroad. To stay safe in unfamiliar places, take note of our list of safety hacks for traveling women:

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10. Travel during daylight

Of course it is not always possible to travel during daylight. But for the sake of safety, whenever you get the chance (and especially when alone) – while traveling in a foreign country or a place unfamiliar to you – try to move from one place to another before it gets dark. Crime rates increase during night time and it’s best to apply common sense here.


9. Have a travel companion with you

Traveling alone can be a meaningful experience, however when going to places that are less safe and harder to get around at (i.e. language barriers, insufficient public transportation), it makes sense to pair up with a friend or family member and explore together. Apart from the safety factor, sharing travel experiences is more fun and can form unique bonds and friendships. Not to mention that you always have a handy photographer with you.


8. Be cautious when meeting new people

Your mom and dad surely told you this on a daily basis while growing up – Stay away from the man that offers you candy! Don’t trust anybody! Just because someone appears to be nice doesn’t mean they really have good intentions. But you know that already. Just don’t forget and practice caution whenever getting to know someone new especially while traveling.


7. Stay sober!

Having a few drinks intus can be fun but when it comes to safe travels it is better to stay sober. Drugs can easily find their way into your drink when you are out and about and your inhibitions and precautions diminish the drunker you get. Be smart and drink water. From a bottle you bought yourself.


6. Hide your cash & valuables

As a tourist at a new place, it’s always best to keep your money at various places, only bring small bills and keep your credit and other valuable cards at home. It goes without saying that your gadgets don’t need to be with you while partying out at night. Be smart and stay safe.


5. Be careful what you drink

Stay away from tap water and alcoholic beverages handed to you by strangers. Stick to bottled water that you buy yourself at grocery stores to be safe.


4. Wear a ‘wedding ring’

A good old trick when you go to the club (even at home) is to wear a ‘wedding ring’ to appear unavailable to possible suitors. Plus, you can save yourself long explanations whenever being pursued by someone you are not interested in.

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3. Be loud

Louder people seem more intimidating. Don’t make yourself an easy target by appearing timid and vulnerable. This doesn’t mean there’s a need to shout and yell at any given time but it can be a good idea to carry a screaming divice or whistle in case of assaults and to attract attention when needed.


2. Protect yourself against electronic theft

Your financial information can easily be obtained when you carry your credit cards in your wallet and bag. Google and consider various travel safety divices that make it possible for you to keep your info safe. Or just keep your valuables at the safe in the hotel.


1. Always let someone know exactly where you are

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to communicate with anyone at any given time. Time zones, schedules or other circumstances don’t anymore prevent you from getting in touch with close friends or family at an instant. Always make sure someone is aware of your whereabouts. This is not just in case you go missing but also for you to feel safer.


With all of these precautions in mind, do remember to still have fun. Travel, after all, is meant to be enriching in experiences and personal development. It is always a good idea to stay safe wherever you are and our list is a good start to get prepared.


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Safety Hacks for Traveling Women