10 Grooming Habits Every Man Should Know

5 | You are a work of art, and the body is your canvas.

All men should know how to manscape properly. Trimming the hair below your neck is not only perfectly acceptable in 2017, it’s polite. You don’t have to completely shave of all your body hair, just keep it simple – aim for what you’d appreciate in a partner by keeping things neat and tidy. Tip: keep whatever device you use for this sensitive task separate from what you shave your face with; it is very unhygienic to use the same tool for both tasks.

4 | Say goodbye to stray hairs.

While we’re already on the topic of trimming unnecessary hair, big and bushy eyebrows aren’t a nuisance, but if they’re meeting in the middle, you’ve got a problem on your hands (and face). Pay attention to the spot in the middle, and any stray hairs above and below your brows are also worth staying on top of. Plucking is time-consuming, though, so if the situation demands it, ask your barber to tidy your brows up during your next appointment. This also applies to stray hairs in the nostrils and ears as well.

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3 | Scrub-a-dub-dub all the dirt away.

Although very simple, this neat trick will make all the difference in the world. We are constantly exposed to numerous pollutants every day and it is important to wash these off as they can cause various irritants on the face. Use one on a Monday morning to scrub the weekend off your face, and every other day of the week go for a plain face wash that’s less abrasive. You’ll be looking better than you feel in no time. Be sure to tend to your skin first thing in the morning and at the end of the day after it has been exposed to the elements.

2 | Have your clothes tailored to fit your body.

Most men typically wear oversized clothes, not understanding the essential elements of a good fit or compromising fit for style. It is important to note that no matter your shape or size, the right fit makes everything look so much better.

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1 | Find your signature scent.

Studies show that a good fragrance can boost a man’s confidence, so a carefully selected bottle of cologne or aftershave is a great weapon to have in your grooming armory. These scents aren’t supposed to be loud or obvious; they should become a subtle part of your overall presence. Rather than owning 8-10 average quality bottles you pick from each morning at random, find one or two classic scents you really like and invest in them. Tip: typically woody, spicy or herby scents suit the winter months, while lighter, citrusy scents work best in spring and summer.

And those are the simple tips and habits every man should know if they want to look presentable to other members of society. Lucky for you, all of these services can be found at Spectre Manila located in Mandaluyong City. So why not stop by and Spectre’s highly-trained and specialized team of barbers will have you looking like a gentleman in no time!

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