10 Gift Ideas for Every Pinoy Dad

Tired of seeing lists of gift ideas for dads that you know your tatay will not appreciate? They may be for dads, but not for our Filipino dads. I mean, they’re okay but will your dad really use them, or are they just another budol? Us, too…which is why we created a list of gifts that they will truly love. Of course, we are the greatest gifts that our fathers have ever received, but they would surely enjoy receiving something thoughtful and useful. Whether it’s their birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas, you can always go back to this if you’re looking for a gift for your dad, husband, father-in-law, or kuyas. Plus, you can shop them all online on Lazada whatever your budget may be. We have included the links, so start scrolling!

Bamboo Mat

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Beds are no use for Pinoy dads as they prefer sleeping on the floor. In case you haven’t asked, it’s because it’s cooler and their backs dislike soft cushions. With this bamboo mat, you can try to convince them to start using their beds again! It comes in king, queen, and double sizes. Click here to buy this now!

Karaoke Machine

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Pinoy dads love hosting parties, and a Filipino party is never complete without karaoke! They love to sing, they love hearing you sing, and they will definitely love this high-tech karaoke machine. With over 8,500 built-in licensed songs, two wireless mics, HD+ audio, and Full HD video, you are your dad will enjoy singing duets whenever you want! It also has a Voice Coach feature for a pitch-perfect performance, and you can connect it to your phone via the GV Smart App to send photos and messages on the screen, or use it as a remote. Click here to buy this now!

Large Water Bottle

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Is your tatay pasaway and not drinking enough water? This large water bottle will keep their water intake in check! Made of food-grade BPA-free plastic, these eco-friendly tumblers are built for your dad. It is leak-proof, portable, and comes in 1.5 and 2.2-liter variations. Click here to buy this now!

Electric Shaver

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Save your mom from cleaning disposable razors all the time and the planet with this electric shaver! Your dad will appreciate this rechargeable device because it’s a more convenient way to shave, it’s portable and easy to clean. Click here to buy this now!

Charcoal Kettle Grill

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Filipino dads can sometimes be old-school, but their cooking skills are timeless! This is why this charcoal kettle grill is a great gift for them. In fact, it’s a win-win because they will enjoy cooking while we enjoy eating. Click here to buy this now!

Basketball Ball

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When it comes to staying fit, most Pinoy fathers prefer playing basketball rather than watching workout videos (and maybe even actually working out). Giving them a ball is one way to tell them that you cherish the days you used to play with them while also keeping them active and healthy. Click here to buy this now!

Knee Brace

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We understand that they may not be as active as they used to be because of their knees. So you might also want to include a knee brace for support when giving them a basketball ball. Click here to buy this now!


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Who doesn’t enjoy a good massage? Even though we are not always there to give our hardworking dads a massage after a long day, they can still have one with this therapeutic massager. It’s great for relaxation, pain relief, and recovery after an exercise. Click here to buy this now!

“World’s Greatest” Plaque

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As a token for recognizing their hard work and achievements in being such great fathers, they deserve a plaque! Give this to the world’s greatest father, tatay, papa, or husband. We know this might be a little too cliché, but we wouldn’t want them to feel left out especially when every dad has one. 😉 Click here to buy this now!

Daddy Shirt

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If you want to give them something they could wear proudly everywhere they go, this shirt is perfect! They are not just husbands and fathers, they are also protectors and heroes. This design comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Click here to buy this now!

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