10 Filipino Mommy Content Creators We Love

Mothers are the strongest women we know. It isn’t easy to bring up a child and care for a growing family. It’s one of the reasons why we look up to mommy content creators who make sure that moms everywhere have a much better experience navigating this stage in their lives. By sharing their stories and advice on pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and family life, mommy content creators are able to, in their own way, give support to all moms and be their guiding light.

Here are just a few Filipino mommy content creators we love that we want to give a shoutout to:

Kryz Uy

kryz uy

Photo from Kryz Uy’s Instagram

Kryz Uy is a notable mama content maker and influencer. She started out as a fashion and lifestyle blogger but has since expanded her content to include parenting and motherhood.

On her blog as well as her various social media platforms, Kryz discusses her experiences as the mother of her boys Scottie and Sevi. She offers guidance on a variety of subjects, from how she raises her sons to fostering a loving relationship with her husband, Slater Young. Follow her to see all her adventures and sweet moments at home with her family!

Candy Pangilinan

Candy Pangilinan

Photo: Candy Pangilinan Facebook

Candy Pangilinan is a well-known comedian and actress who has also become a well-known mommy content creator. She is known for her humor and openness as she shares funny content with her son Quentin.

Candy often talks about the joys and challenges of raising children and provides tips and advice to fellow moms. But what her audience loves her most for is all her hilarious anecdotes and personal stories about motherhood that her followers can relate to.

Saab Magalona

Saab magalona

Photo: Saab Magalona Facebook

In some ways, we feel as though we’ve accompanied Saab Magalona-Bacarro in every step of the way of her motherhood journey, through all her struggles and triumphs, and all her experiences raising her two adorable sons Pancho and Vito. Saab openly shares snippets of her life and adventures with her family on her social media and has become such an inspiration with regard to encouraging the musical talent of her youngest and lovingly caring for her eldest with special needs.

Ciara Magallanes (Mommy Diaries)

mommy diaries

Photo from Mommy Diaries Instagram

Social media influencer Ciara Magallanes makes content about her experiences as a mother of two children. Among the topics she talks about are homeschooling, motherhood, and family life wherein she gives tips and advice based on her own stories. She even shares tips about budgeting, meal planning, and organizing one’s home.

Ciara is also well-known for her minimalist lifestyle, and she offers advice on how to live a life that is both simple and purposeful. She also shares her insights on leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and promoting natural and holistic living.

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

Photo: Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio Facebook

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio used to be a TV host and an actress, but she now focuses on making content about motherhood and her family life. Rica shares her experiences as a mother of two on her vlog and on social media, while also opening up about being in touch with her spirituality. She has written several books on faith and motherhood and is also an advocate of holistic and natural living. She often discusses how to raise children in a mindful and deliberate manner and how to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Andi Manzano

Andi Manzano

Photo: Andi Manzano Facebook

Andi Manzano is a mom of two young girls with another one on the way! Andi often offers guidance and pointers on a variety of subjects, including child rearing, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and traveling with her daughters.

Andi is also well-known for her work as an entrepreneur aside from creating mommy content. She runs several businesses, including a children’s play and learning center and a clothing line for kids.

Andi also promotes having an active and healthy lifestyle as she discusses how to instill healthy habits in children and how to lead a healthy, balanced life. It’s no wonder why she has amassed a large following of mothers who look up to her for guidance and inspiration!

Celine Cornejo

Celine Cornejo

Photo: Celine Cornejo Facebook

Celine Cornejo not only loves to talk about her experiences as a mother of soon-to-be three on her vlog and on social media, but she is also well-known for being a Youtube teacher for preschoolers and kindergarteners. With her “Learning Through Play” lessons, she is not only educating children everywhere but also helping parents encourage learning in their own homes. Currently, her Teacher Celine Youtube channel has 47.9K subscribers.

Dimples Romana

Dimples Romana

Photo: Dimples Romana

When Dimples Romana isn’t acting for the TV screen, she is busy making fun Tiktok content with her children. Dimples proudly shares her home and family life with her over 4 million followers on social media, showing just how possible it is to balance her professional life with being a mom of three. Dimples is also known for her work as an entrepreneur, owning and running several businesses.

Via Austria

via austria

Photo: Via Austria Instagram

Influencer Via Austria, lovingly called Mommy V by her Youtube subscribers, posts everything about her daily life on her vlog, from her travels and shopping hauls to doing pranks and fun challenges with her family. She currently has over 936K subscribers on her Youtube channel where her mommy content would go as high as 2 million views each video!

Vien Iligan Velasquez

Vien Iligan-Velasquez

Photo: Vien Iligan-Velasquez Facebook

A popular vlogger and member of Team Payaman, Vien Ilagan-Velasquez uses her channel to give insights and tips on motherhood and raising her children, while also creating fun content with her family. Fans love her most for being genuine, relatable, and aalways aiming for the best for her kids, especially her newborn daughter.

These mommy bloggers and content creators definitely show us that being a mom is a full-time job, but one that you don’t have to experience alone! Through their content, they show you that there’s no right or wrong answer to motherhood; you just need to do what you know is best for your kids and enjoy the journey every step of the way.

Let’s keep showing our support and appreciation for all of the amazing mothers out there!

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