10 Day Vipassana Meditation Course in Manila Philippines: The Road to True Happiness


My favorite part of this experience had to be the people you meet there. I know you can’t talk most of the time, but you do get to talk and meet the people on your arrival date on Day Zero and also on the 10th day, when the “Noble Silence” is lifted. They called it sort of a “shock absorber” instead of just letting us back into the real world right away after not talking for 10 days. So you get to meet these people who went on personal journeys themselves, with you. I found a certain connection with them immediately! It was also really cool how people there came from all different backgrounds, nationalities, countries and walks of life. I met film directors, silicon valley investment heads, musicians, jewelry makers, millionaire entrepreneurs, permanent travelers and so many more cool people with amazing stories to tell!


Vipassana-Meditation-Course-Retreat-10-Ten-Days-No-Talking-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-Goenka-Goinka-Meditate  (44)

Vipassana-Meditation-Course-Retreat-10-Ten-Days-No-Talking-Manila-Philippines-WhenInManila-Goenka-Goinka-Meditate  (43)


Upon leaving the Vipassana center on the last day, I felt…. so much lighter. It was as if so many of the irrelevant things I’ve held on pedestals of importance quickly got put into perspective. I felt myself smiling a bit more with a more relaxed view on many things. I guess you can say I was enlightened a bit.

I HIGHLY recommend this Vipassana Meditation Course. I wish this gift of healing on my best of friends and family, so that they too may find the inner peace that they long for. I also wish this on my most bitter enemies (not that I consider anyone as such), so that they may also find forgiveness and inner tranquility that they need.

There are Vipassana centers all over the world, from India, to the US, to the UK, to Sweden, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia and more. I am hoping to visit other centers to again participate in this 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat.

Now, whenever I come about stresses, cravings or aversions in life, I just remember to “Start again…. start again….” I start with a calm mind, and just observe. 




10 Day Noble Silence Aftermath:

Coming out of the retreat, I was afraid as I knew a thousand emails and a mountain of work was probably awaiting me. But here I am, typing away as I recall the Vipassana Course experience, with a smile on my face. I think I’ve better able to categorize important things in life from the distractions. I just feel a lot calmer and my mind is clearer.

Here’s a more elaborate set of pictures to show you what happened after I finished the Vipassana 10 Day Meditation Course:


How I thought I would be, after 10 days meditating, with no phone or email:



How I actually was, after 10 days meditating, with no phone or email: 

Hakuna Matata WhenInManila


When In Manila, calm your mind, find yourself, understand your being and unlock the secrets of your mind through a 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Course Retreat. You’ll surely cover yourself with good karma for doing so. Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam (May all beings be happy)


You can alsso watch this video to see other Vipassana Meditator Experiences.

Practicing Vipassana: Meditator Experiences




Vipassana Center Philippines’ photos by Mayk Juat



Vipassana Meditation Ten Day Course

(The Art of Living)

Vipassana Meditation is a ten day course in which you are taught how to live a happy life, without the stress it brings.

Take a dip into your inner self and get a beautiful life, in return for your ten days.

10 days of silence, total silence, to make the mind calm, and give way to go inside yourself.

The technique is taught by Mr. S.N. Goenka, who brought back this ancient gem to India, from where it has spread worldwide.

Come, share this unique experience & open a new door in your life, a door to a better you and a better life. Anyone can enroll, rich or poor, old or young. No religion barred.


For more info: https://dhamma.org

To find the Meditation Course schedule for the Philippines, check here – https://courses.dhamma.org/en/schedules/schphala



10 Day Vipassana Meditation Course in Manila Philippines: The Road to True Happiness 


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