10 Cute Milk Tea-Inspired Items for Certified Milk Tea Addicts

The milk tea craze started many years ago, but it’s still a huge trend even today. Being a massive fan of milk tea isn’t such a crazy idea; it’s not even a surprise that there are loads of milk tea-inspired items you can get online!

If you’re a certified milk tea addict and you want more than just to consume your favorite drink, here are some adorable milk tea-inspired items that you should get for yourself. All of these are easily available on Shopee!

milktea sanitizing

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10. This cute boba tea UV sanitizing box is a must-have especially during these days. This sanitizing box is big enough for your phone, keys, and even wallet. This is a great way to make sure your essentials are clean after a day outside.

Buy this boba tea UV sanitizing box here!

milk tea pouch

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9. If you love multi-functional items, this “standing” milk tea pouch is a great option to have. It features an adorable milk tea design and can hold a whole bunch of pens, accessories, and even your phone and wallet. Because of its unique “standing” design, you can also instantly use it as a pen holder on your workstation!

Buy this “standing” milk tea-inspired pouch here!

milktea chair

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8. This milk tea-inspired plush chair will make you a lot more comfortable when working from home. Aside from its design that makes any seat extra comfy, it also has a vibrating feature for an instant back massage.

Buy this milk tea-inspired plush chair here!

milktea phone case

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7. If you want to show off your love for milk tea, switch your regular phone case to this adorable milk tea-inspired phone case! There are available sizes for most iPhone models.

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milk tea pink

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6. This adorable milk tea-inspired bag is also a great way to show everyone how much you love this iconic drink. The bag is shaped just like a giant milk tea cup and it comes in the normal milk tea color and in strawberry pink.

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milk tea fridge

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5. This milk tea-inspired mini fridge is a great addition to your workstation if you’re someone who loves snacks and cold drinks. Not only will you have your very own personal fridge right beside you, this one also features an adorable design that would look great in whatever space you put it.

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milktea airpodscase

Photo from Shopee

4. If you’ve got the milk tea-inspired phone case, this cute milk tea Airpods case would be great to partner with it. It’s designed like a mini milk tea cup and it comes in a variety of colors. It even includes a small lanyard to make it easier to carry.

Buy this milk tea Airpods case here!

milktea earrings

Photo from Shopee

3. These cute milk tea-inspired earrings are so adorable and irresistible. We’re sure you’ll instantly fall in love with these mini versions of your favorite drink. They even come in a variety of colors (or milk tea “flavors”).

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milktea slippers

Photo from Shopee

2. These milk tea-inspired indoor slippers will keep your feet warm and comfy while you’re at home. It features such an adorable milk tea-inspired design and is made out of fuzzy material that your feet will definitely love.

Buy these milk tea bedroom slippers here!

milktea plushie

Photo from Shopee

1. To top off all of your milk tea-inspired items, you’ll definitely need this adorable milk tea plushie. We just love the cute designs and how it’s extra soft and huggable. This milk tea plushie would look awesome in your room for sure!

Buy this milk tea plushie here!

These milk tea-inspired items are definite must-haves for any milk tea addict!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. The actual color, appearance, size, and shape of the item might be slightly different from the ones showed in the pictures.

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